The Sims 2 Tips & Secrets

"in the neighbourhood screen enter this code: familyFunds (the sims -surname) 9999999, and they can have that amount of simoleans!" - saldyf

"Hey you know the boolprop testingcheatsenabled true cheat well if you do that in the neighbourhood then enter a sim house you can drag any of your sims needs and skill to max." - Kate

"put your own music on the game.

start > my documents > EA games > sims 2 > music > (choose the catogry you want) > then drag music files there and you can listen to your music on the sterio.

note:must be mp3 file" - steve

"Heres some gr8 tips n tricks, believe me ull need em!
boolprop testingcheatsenabled true - well this cheats gr8. activate it, den go to creat a family n hit Shift+N and make a sim. U hav new skinz (mannequin n alien, and zomby if u hav simz uni) and new outfits, like naked and doctor outfitz and grim reapa outfits and maid thingz and brand new topz and trouzerz. and it even sez wer everyfin is stored and wot outfit name it iz. den wen u moov into ur new house u can press Shift n clik on ur Sim, and u can Spawn summin (Tombstone of Life and Death, Death Creator, make me sick testa, clothin tester) and u can clik tombstone of l and d and u can make frendz with every1 or kill som1 or get a baby, and u can kill urself or get a cellfone or mp3 playa, u can also get old family membas that liv in different housez into ur house. u can also change ur aspriation, maximise ur asp points, change ur mood, maximise ur skills, get platinum mood and get babiez on command. u can kill other sims, get sick on purpose and if u shift clik on da postbox u can mak it ur birthday or no every1 n not pay ur bills. how kool is dat?? Dis cheat is my lifesaver, sum1 told me it cud muk up ur game but it hasnt, its made it way better!
motherlode - type it in da cheat box u get $50,000 simoleans. press return n up arro and u get mor and mor money! Kerching!
move_objects on - u can moov objects u can usally move and u can mov objects 2 out of bounds areas and put stuff on top of each otha.
intprop censorgridsize 0 - dis gets rid of da box wen sims hav a shower or summin, and is better for videos or if it just particurly annoyz u.
These r my most useful cheatz. i hope u find em helpful!" - cute_punki_princess