The Sims 2 Tips & Secrets

"If u want to have a baby quick in like 2 minutes then type boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true and press enter. then just hold shift and click on a sim whille holding down shift and choose spawn and then choose tombstone of L and D (life and death) and then click the tombstone(without holding shift) and then click the more button and you'll c a get pregnat with... click it and pick the sim u want 2 get pregnet with and wallalah u have a new baby coming now go back to the tombstone and click the more button again now u should c speed up pregnacy button click it and in like 2 minutes u should have your kid!!" - Koolkid

"ok, if u want twins then u need to woohoo 2-3 ( or more then that i only tried it twice and it worked.) times!! i've tried this so many times and yes, it has worked!" - maddie

"There may be quite a few tips for killing a sim or whatever but a faster way of killing him (or her) would be to use cheats
To kill a sim use the : boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true cheat then select a sim (that you dont want to kill) and hold shift while you click on the one you do want to kill....and most of the time there is an option to kill him.
Or after entering the boolprop cheat...shift and click on a sim...have him spawn the death creator or something like that (when it appears it looks like a tombstone) and have the sim you want killed click on it....then you can chose how he dies." - squishy_jellybean

"I have read alot of your tips on how to get twins. I have had twins loads of times and i havent done any of those things. Every single time i have had twins both the parents or at least one of them had the starsign Gemini wich sounds stupid but Gemini is the starsign representing twins. So if you want twins just make sure both parents are Gemini's and this will give you a higher chance of having twins. It wont garentee it but it does give you a higher chance. Also i have tried alot of variations the TwinsR2cute cheat and it has never worked for me. Getting twins is purely down to chance but if both parents are gemini's there is more chance so yeh thanx..." - Kate

"If one of your your female sim's aspirations is 2 have 10 kids an easier way to make it happen is to get the tombstone of L and D (life and death) click on it and choose "more" one of your choices should be "get pregnant with" choose a male sim, then once you hear the 'success" tune go back to the tombstone of L and D click more and choose "speed up my pregnancy" and yyou should have a baby in a minute. P.S, if you want her 2 have twinz than take constant pictures during the birth. " - 'Lil Ray ray

"I have tryed all the twun cheat. None of them workthat well or just plane don't work. The only reason pepole say the cheats is beacuse they had twins. It just happens when ever. Having twins is totaly random." - dumb_blonde