The Sims 2 Tips & Secrets

"Make a family of maximum people,build a house around them all with no doors,food,supplies or anything and kill them and once their all dead move another family in there and then sell their graves (hint-the sooner you sell the grave the more money you will get)" - hannah

"These are 12 of the scholarships I know of:
1)London Culinary Arts, $750 (cooking)
2)Bui Engineering Award, $750 (mechanical) 3)Bain-Gordon Communications Fellowship, $750 (charisma) 4)Hogan Award for Athletics, $750 (body) 5)Will Wright Genius Grant, $750 (logic) 6)Quigley Visual Arts Stipend, $750 (creativity) 7)Kim Metro Prize for Hygenics, $750 (cleaning) 8)Orphaned Sims Assistance, $1,500 (no parents) 9)Extraterrestrial Reparations, $1,500 (abducted by aliens) 10)Sim City Scholar's Grant, $1,000 (A's) 11)Young Entrepeneur's Grant, $750 (top of career) 12)Undead Educational Scholarship, $1500 (vampire) these are all that I have found so far. I hope that this helpful." - Simmy5

"If your sim does not want their neighbor/friend to leave simply pause the game and take out the doors.(neighbor will most likely keep searching for door, but let them free or they will starve)" - person

"In order for the "motherlode" cheat to work, first hit Ctrl+Shift+C. When the cheat console appears, type "motherlode" (without quotes) and hit enter. Repeat until you have as must money as you want. To speed up the repeating process, copy (Ctrl+C) the text "motherlode" before entering the cheat. Then when you re-open the console, hit Ctrl+V to paste the text and then his enter. You can get as many Simoleans as you want!" - Katie

"OK, if you want to keep the green bars up then there is a cheat....maxmotives ( u have to press Ctrl+Shift+C then enter ) this will make the bars go up. All of them except the Envioroment, thats expected. They will start to go down so you might want to keep this cheat in mind!! have fun!" - Maddie!