The Sims 2 Tips & Secrets

"On top of the paranormal carreer you also have a helicopter...everybody is putting their fingers in their" - wesley

"if you want to get paid without working just get a job then dont go. usually you'll get one or 2 days of paid vacation. well when you lose your job just get a new one and do the same thing." - sami

"The best job to get is in the cooking career, you not only get paid well but you get to increase ur cooking skills and make neat things like baked alaska and lobster thermidor,. You all get a chocolate make think in career rewards. Enjoy! :)" - *avee17*

"The helicopter will also pick up the Simcity Mayor in the Politician career." - ae

"if you're in the law enforcement career and at some point when your person is working (not at home) and a pop up window is telling you that you havethe option of going out with your friends from work, studying, or one more thing that i can't remember, choose going out with your friends. You end up finding something illegal in the bathroom or something and getting promoted! YAY!" - mr. sim

"If you want to find a job but don't have much money, then you can buy a computer, look for the job you want and take it. Then quickly sell the computer and you will get all the money back!!!" - anonymous