The Sims 2 Tips & Secrets

"If you watch the clouds or stargaze long enough ( without the telescope ) a satelite could fall on your sim and you can sell it for money!!!!$$$!

oh yeah and if you have a sloppy sim dont tend to their needs untill their all in red and thern make your sim step on a fly infested plate and the fly'z will swarm and kill your sim and walla! instant purple ghost!

oh! one more thing! if your sim has a creativity skill of 5 or sumpthing you can paint your own house!!( I'M NOT 100% SURE! but you can try! )" - JapaneseSim

"Here's a way to get loads of money with the motherlode code without having to type it millions of times. Press Ctrl+Shift+C, then enter "motherlode" and press return. Then, press the up arrow, then return, as many times as needed. Do it really fast to get up to 9,999,999 Simoleans. It worked for me and it improved lots of their aspiration wants, too!!!
Have fun!" - Dannii

"I didnt realise this cuz i never go down to the community lot but if u have a romance sim, make them invite a sim to the lot by callin a cab. When u get there go to the clothes store and press try on. After the sim goes into the changing room, u have a quick chance to press on the sim u invited and then press woohoo. Its a ded easy way to have public woohoo but u must kno them first. Btw the shop person stares and cheers! Good luck!" - Charlie Girl

"before u click which house u want tto enter press ctrl+shift+c to get the cheat bar thing then type exactly like this caps and everything:

boolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true
then press enter

this cheat makes ur life easier u can move wants up and down, u can right click ur sim and buy the tombstone of life and death which is a lifesaver... memorize that cheat... u'll need it" - simster