The Sims 2 Tips & Secrets

"It's really funny if you have an urn in your house. Couse if you use this cheat: "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" , you can hold on the shift button and click on the urn. Then there's an option: walk like a ghost. It's pretty fun :-)" - kisje

make a sim who loves money and furniture, put them in an empty lot , use the motherlode cheat heaps of times, buy all the stuff they want, get lots of money trees and Viola! infinate money." - DA CHEATA

"Ok, heres all the cheats I know and have confirmed -

1. First open uo your cheat box, which you type cheats into, with SHIFT + CONTROL + C

2. Type in "kaching" for a little bit of money, or "motherlode" for 50 grand.

3. Type in "move_objects on" in that same cheat box to be able to move and/or delete things you normally can't, such as sims, weeds, I don't know mabye the grim reaper? You can also put objects where normally you would try to move them too, but the object would turn red and it wouldnt work.

Heres some tips -

1. The best career is the "show bussiness" career. You'll have to work hard and get 14 friends and maximize a couple skills, but believe me it's definitly worth it. A 5000$ salary is the best.

2. To bring dead sims back to life, make sure you have the grave stone or urn present at the lot your in, and get to the top of the paranormal career, you'll need to maximize a few skills, one is charisma, and you'll need 13 friends. Once you hAve reached the top, go to job rewards, the little icon under aspiration rewards, and scroll through the items, and it will be there. By the way, that job pays about 5 grand a day.

H A V E F U N !" - Max