The Sims 2 Tips & Secrets

"If you want your sim to have fun and also be a vary good cook. You get a tv, turn it on. And then click on the tv and chance the channel to i think yumm yumm channel or sothing like that. Have your sims watch the tv and they will get skill points and have fun." - Cecilie


motherlode = $50,000
kaching = $1,000
moveobjects on = move any objects, even garbage cans and mailboxes, anywhere in or out of, your lot. You can even delete the mailbox or garbage can. I do not advise deleteing the garbage can, but do delete the mailbox so you don't have to pay bills anymore! it'll save your thousands!


meditate throughout your sim's life, it helps their fun and wants a ton!


to kill one of your sims = have them make a toster pastry and then go do somthing else is the kitchen, like make cerel, the toster pastry will start a fire. Use the cheat "moveobjects on" before doing this so you can move your sim in the middle of the fire." - CheatsAreAwesome! UseCheats!

"Get your sims to have a child and keep drinking the elixer of life then at some stage your child will be older then you!" - Sims addict

"the best way to kill a sim is to take out the ladder while it is swimming. soon after, its energy would get depleted and it will die :D" - M

"if ur sims r hungry, feed the gelatin. go 2 serve dessert and gelatin. its great you dont have 2 make it and it never goes off." - kate