The Sims 2 Tips & Secrets

"Also if you have a baby don't toss it in the air (play with it) after it's eaten otherwise it will throw up on you and your hygiene will go way down. " - mariangel469

"if u whant your sim to have twins typ in the cheat box twinzR2cute" - siobhan

"once your female sim is pregnant, if you want to know if its having twins then when she is sick in the morning with morning sickness if she is sick twice, it means shes having twins but if just the once then shes just having one! gd tip eh?

if you want your younge adult sim to turn into an adult, then when they go to university dont study and get kicked out and then they will get sent back to the main neighbourhood and wil be a full grown adult.

ok hope u lk xxx" - Lars

"hey i was reading someones tip and they said that if the girl get's morning sickness twice then she has twins. that's wrong! the girl in my family was sick twice and she didn't have twins. " - joey

"turn aging off when your baby becomes a toddler. Using the toys, you can max out creativity and charisma and mechanical. If they are a child, use the career rewards to max out skills. Knowledge aspiration sims will be lifetime platinum if they max out all skills before going to college!" - Andre

"I think that a lot of the supposed "twin cheats" you read about on the internet are based on specious evidence. For example, I believe that the oft-repeated "spaghetti cheat" came about because someone fed spaghetti to his/her pregnant Sim, then saw the Sim give birth to twins. He/she therefore reached the conclusion that the spaghetti caused the pregnancy, even though it was only a coincidence. To be certain that a "cheat" actually works, you need to perform the cheat multiple times with multiple families, rather than just once. As I understand it, the only way to guarantee a twin birth is to download a hack for it." - Folie