The Sims 2 Tips & Secrets

"here's a really wicked cheat in the game: boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true ( do this before choosing an neighborhood) this cheat enables everything!!!!! while pressing shift select a sim it will have a lot more interactions !! have fun! but be careful some of the interations are dangerous (ex: delete all NPC's on lot) and some have unknown results....
this cheat works on objects 2! (ex: while pressing shift, select the telescope...Get abducted is a new option!) try it in Create-a-sim two !! click ctrl+n to activate it!!!
you will have secret skin tone (alien and mannequin) and a bunch of other stuff!!!!
Have fun!" - tyna

"If you marry or have one of the mades come live with you the maids skills are just about maxed out.

ps. only tried this on the male one." - Calicobrat

"To get your fun meter from zero to max: Go to the garden and kick some dwarfs." - Frannie

"if u want to buy something w/ aspiration points, use the points from the oldest family member. Since they hav been living longer, chances r they'll hav more & if they are about 2 die, you wouldn't want their points 2 go 2 waste!


if u have a stay-at-home family sim, get a ton of money trees. the sim can care for then in his/her spare time, and earn almost as much as the working sim, or more if the working sim isn't very high up.


the best social interaction 4 someone u've just met is to tell a normal joke. it almost always give + relationship points. next 2 that is probably chatting. all sims like to talk about memories, and they usually start w/ that when they chat. cut off the conversation when they go into interests if u want 2b really safe." - !K!