The Sims 2 Tips & Secrets

"Hi every1, if u want ur aspiration 2 be "family" aspiration make sure u have a baby after one is grown in2 a toddler - e.g. baby turns into a toddler have another baby that one turns into a toddler ....... and so on.

Make sure ur not over-run by babies coz ur sims could get v. depressed and carry a pillow around everywhere wiv 'em and have a therapist following them round all day

Hav fun playing sims 2 the best game in the world!!!!!

p.s this ain't anything 2 do wiv familes but if u get a promotion ur sims will be a v. happy + have plantium mood and aspiration meters " - *lil' darlin*

If your having problems with a pregnant sim, have her meditate through it! She stands up only to get fatter, get fatter-er, and have birth! ti works ,too.- ~Cledus~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!" - Deathnight101

"Just go to the create a family marry 2 people and then buy a cheap house use the motherlode cheay a few times then move out and move into a better house then they will be most likely very super dupialer happy!" - Kelie

"If you want twins, then have your girl "try for baby" with someone who she does not live with. When she goes into labor, it will say, 'there are two babies on the way'. This also works if you don't want to have twins. just don't 'try for baby' with someone who doesn't live with your person" - Arabella

"Type twinzr2cute while in labour in the cheat screen to get twins! P.s that chicken cheat is sooo fun! " - Simzaddiktt

"If you want your female sim to have twins feed her nothing but spaghetti throughout her pregnancy. Be ready to have a nanny or both parents staying home to care for the twins" - AL