The Sims 2 Tips & Secrets

"If u eat a chicken for dinner, stop as you are eating it and wait for it to go moldy. Then click on the meal and choose eat. A baby chicken will leap out of the plate." - Dan

"Hello, you know you said about the chick popping out of the chicken - how many cooking points have you got to get before you are able to get the chicken???? sorry for being a pest!

Have fun playing sims 2 the best game in the world!" - lil' darlin*

"I know how you can delete homework, I have grieved over this for some time now, and been searching and trying to discover how you can actually get rid of it! Moving object cheats dnt work, thats when the sim creators get tricky! This is a real simple prosedure.

1st: Once your sim(s) -children or teenagers- get off the bus, all of them, delete the bus.
-if you have a teenager and a child, the child will come home around 1:00 with the teenagers!
2nd: make sure that if you have two sims getting off the bus and one is looking at his or her report card infront of the bus, blocking the door so your other sim cannot get out, make sure you use the MOVEOBJECTS ON cheat and move them to the other side of the road or at leats out of the way.
Happy Partying!" - Steph

"If u want to kill some one make them make a toaster pastry and then make them make ceral and dont let them touch the cooker smoke will come out and then it will start a fire" - Haz

"Get a full promotion in ur career and instead of carpool helicopter will come to pick you for work.
This happened when my sim become a business tycoon. I am not sure if it will work with other careers." - Anonymous