The Sims 2 Tips & Secrets

"If you turn off aging when your sim is pregnant, your sim won't give birth." - BaliMaster

"What are you talking about!?! Your mother/father will still give birth if you turn off aging. Maybe you just didnt wait long enough." - SetUStrait

"There is a very good way to get a boy or a girl child. First when your pregnant sim is having the baby, save the game right away, then see if it's the gender u want, if not go back to the neighborhood and into your house and this time it should be different, it worked fine for me." - Amit

"if u have a baby no matter if is a boy or gilr try 2 teach many things as possible n try 2 play or read alot 2 them so the can have more skills oh yeah n if u are a elder with a baby try 2 get as much money ull see why " - Colombiana15

"if you want to have twins start taking snapshots right when she goes into labor. I kept clicking it until it was over just to be sure. Then when the little stork screen popped up it said my TWO sims were on the way. :)" - Jenny

"If you have a baby sim and you want to play with it but it needs to be fed also, play with it first, then feed it. If you don't do this, the baby might vomit, then the hygiene for the baby will go down to zero.

You have been warned!!!" - Dani