The Sims 2 Tips & Secrets

"If your Sim wants to marry a rich sim, marry Mortimer. He always wants some..."fun" from younger women. Have his child then wait for him to die and you're set =D" - lizzi

"That's harsh! just use the motherlode cheat(as written) to get 50 000 simoleons! 'cause mortimer goth is a perv if he likes 'fun'" - sim2girlsteph

"If you want a rich sim why don't you just BE Mortimer!" - ...

"If your sim was married and it's spouse died make sure you get rid of the urn/tomb stone if you wan't your sim to be married agien otherwise the ghost of it's former spouse will get pissed and couse chaose." - calicobrat

"one of the best ways 2 have 2 sims break up is 2 have an affair u dont have 2 build up the relashoinship high just flirt whith him/her in front of the other sim and just choose break up p.s which ever 1 u want to stay make sure that 1 chooses break up" - anonymous

"If you're a poor sim build up a good relationship with a rich sim .Ask them to move in and get married then kill the rich sim they . Your sim might be upset but hey your rich." - Simaholic 10P