The Sims 2 Tips & Secrets

TerrainType - mixes grass and desert" - Heather

"if you click on your sim and "meditate" their needs wont change as long as they're meditating." - Weetzie

"view paintings for a boost of fun for your fun needs." - Amit

"Oviouslyi haven't tried it yet but i think it works. For a REALLY filthy rich sim all you need to do is type in mothrelode a few times THEN spend absolutly as much as u want by the way heres another tip for the bedrooms DO NOT put in a tv i know it sounds stupid but if you have a tv in thr living room then the family can watch it and talk but if you have it in the bedroom your sim won't mix AND if it just happens to set on fire because most sim bedroom are quite small the fire will spread easier if it is in the living room then your sims ha ve time to get out! it is also a good idea to have more than one exit in a room full of electricals so that your sims can get out of the fire in no time at all! I know this was proberbly a big BORE to read but it's worth it! :)" - Chioma

"If you want your sims fun to go up, have woohoo - i know it sounds real sick but it works!!!!

Have fun playing sims 2 - the best game in the world (i am so addicted to it!!!!!!!!)" - *lil darlin*

"Remember that your maid is a sim too.  Talk to her after she cleans your place and you can add a new sim to your network of friends who has to visit you every day." - TEM

"If u want to kill some one make them make a toaster pastry and then make them make ceral and dont let them touch the cooker smoke will come out and then it will start a fire" - Haz