The Sims 2 Review

Once you have selected a neighborhood and created your sim(s) you can select an empty house to purchase and move in. The available homes are not just empty of sims, they’re empty of furniture and appliances as well. This is where the game’s buy and build modes come into play. For those of you new to Sims games, designing a home is pretty easy and intuitive; objects can be dragged and dropped into place and relocated or sold at any time, and walls, paint, and flooring can be “painted” in by dragging the mouse. If you’ve played The Sims, you’ll find that the interface for purchasing and placing objects is pretty much the same with the introduction of a few subtleties such as the ability to place diagonal walls and better organization of the object selection menus. Another welcome new addition is the ability to select the color or pattern of an object before placing it, which is probably joy to the ears of all of you sim interior designers out there.

A nice sim neighborhood complete with beach.

You still won’t be able to follow your sims to work, but there are some changes in this part of the game. The first is that you now have regularly scheduled days off during the week. No more playing hooky from work when your sim wants to relax or play – well, I guess you still can play hooky if you want but you don’t have to. You’ll also periodically be presented with a dilemma or opportunity at work in the form of a short text scenario. You’ll then select your sim’s reaction from a couple of choices and the results can include things like the loss of a day’s pay or an unexpected promotion.

The Sims 2 is sure to please anyone who enjoyed the original game. The Sims 2 takes your sims to a whole new level, making them even more fascinating to watch going about their lives and interacting with other sims than they were in The Sims. If you’ve played The Sims or have always wanted to give the game a try, then you should be thoroughly pleased with The Sims 2. On the other hand, if you didn’t enjoy The Sims or are a less patient or more action craving kind of gamer, The Sims 2 won’t be any more interesting to you than the original.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 94%.  Sims fans rejoice! The Sims 2 is everything you could have hoped for … and more.

System Requirements:  Pentium III 800 MHz; 256 MB RAM;  32 MB Video RAM; 8x CD-ROM;  3.5 GB Hard Drive Space;  Mouse.


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