The Sims 2 The Sims 2 at E3 2004

A family pool party.

The philandering husband's transgressions were soon brought to light when the blonde unwittingly planted a passionate kiss on him poolside right in front of his wife.  The shock of seeing this and the realization of one of her greatest fears put our poor heroine in a state of shock, but it took a bumbling apology attempt by her husband to send her over the edge.  She sat on the ground, went cross-eyed, and began babbling.

The family pool party was used to show off the game's aspirations and fears feature, but I was also able to get a glimpse of the game's neighborhoods.  You'll now be able to design your neighborhoods and I'm not just talking about lot placement.  You'll be able to use the same tools SimCity 4 players have enjoyed to change the topography of your neighborhood, add vegetation, and even place streams and waterfalls.  If you own SimCity 4 you'll also be able to import maps created in that game.

From what we’ve seen of The Sims 2 it will still provide a lot of the gameplay that people fell in love with in the original game while adding new elements to make sims even more lifelike. The Sims was more of a daily routine simulator, while The Sims 2 is going to be a whole life simulator. If you thought that you really related to your sim before, wait until you play The Sims 2.