The Sims 2 The Sims 2 at E3 2004

Gold diggers have one thing on their minds.

Those of you reading this and worrying that there arenít enough sim hours in the sim day for your sims to do their sim things as it is neednít have to worry. The sims in The Sims 2 will be much better at fulfilling their needs for things like food and rest. The focus of The Sims 2 will be directed towards keeping your sim happy and fulfilled and successfully reaching your simís life milestones rather than on keeping your sim from starving or wetting him or herself.

Another change in emphasis between the original game and The Sims 2 is that The Sims 2 will focus more on the entire sim family than on a single sim. The original game was centered on your sim Ė taking care of your simís needs, advancing your simís career, making friends for your sim, etc. In The Sims 2 itís all about family. Youíll need to pay attention to everyone in the multigenerational household, taking control of different family members as needed to ensure that everyone stays happy.

The demo of The Sims 2 shown at E3 emphasized the aspirations and fears element of gameplay by showing what can happen at a family pool party when you take a family-focused wife and a romance-focused husband and add a hot blonde lady sim to the mix. At first the husband was able to fulfill a few of his aspirations by getting to know the blonde a little better and then successfully inviting her for a clandestine makeout session in the house away from the party.

While the husband was at play, the wife was working to meet her family focused aspirations. She hugged and played with her child to fulfill a small aspiration while working towards achieving her bigger aspirations of seeing her sister married and her toddler become a child. While no one popped the question to her sister during the demo, there was a birthday party for her toddler. The sims all gathered around a birthday cake and blew party horns while whooping it up.  When the candles were blown out our young toddler was transformed into a kid.  It was interesting to see how much sims enjoy birthdays, but also worth noting was that as each sim served themselves a slice of cake, the cake actually got smaller!