The Sims 2 Sim DNA

This certainly is a big moment.

Central to this life experience is The Sims 2ís Lifeís Big Moments. Maintaining a simís motives is as important as it was in The Sims, but the effects of motives are very short term. Youíll also need to help your sim successfully get through the Lifeís Big Moments events if you want your sim to lead a fruitful life. Lifeís Big Moments include a simís first steps, first kiss, and marriage, and getting through them early and successfully is important to each sim Ė just like for real people the clock of life is always ticking.

Managing a simís life certainly seems like it will be more challenging in The Sims 2, but you sims themselves will provide you with some help. This is because the sims in The Sims 2 have been programmed to be more intelligent, expressive, and generally aware of their surroundings than ever before. Youíll be able to read your simís moods and feelings not just from their stance or actions, but from their facial expressions as well. And to help you read your simsí faces, the game has a true 3D graphics engine that will let you dynamically zoom in to literally go face to face with your sims.

Many of Lifeís Big Moments involve your simís relationship to the other sims in his or her life. In The Sims 2, youíll find that your sim is capable of far more complex relationships than in The Sims. Itís no longer a simple matter of a high enough relationship score, your sims will be able to distinguish between family and friends, casual acquaintances and close friends, and platonic friends and love interests. They will react differently to other sims depending on the relationship, and youíll see different behaviors and available interactions from one sim to the next.


A sim, from cradle to grave.