The Sims 2

GT: Will career choice have an affect on the home life of Sims?

A Sims 2 neighborhood.

Lucy: Sims will earn reward objects thru their careers in The Sims 2. So, if you have Sims in different career tracks you’ll find that you can earn some pretty cool objects this way. Also, older Sims can teach younger Sims on how to use these objects which increases their skills at an early age and can set them off on the right path to success.

Also, I’m pretty psyched when my Sim gets picked up in the helicopter, personally.

GT: Is Sim death inevitable in The Sims 2, or will players be able to keep their favorite Sim around for good if they’d like? Will we see the Grim Reaper and Sim ghosts in The Sims 2?

Lucy: We’re leaving in a cheat for those players who just can stomach having their Sim grow old and die, and we get that some players may want this for their story telling etc.

On the other hand the gameplay is tuned around the aging of your Sim. The fun this is that you can affect how long they live by helping them successfully attain their dreams….then they actually live a longer and happier life. If you indulge in their fears, well, let’s just say stress kills.

GT: Will there be community locations in The Sims 2, or will neighborhoods still consist of home lots? Will you be able to take your Sims between locations?

Lucy: You can build community lots in the neighborhoods, in fact you can even select between several neighborhoods and landscape them further too. I tend to like to make community pools and the video game store or clothing stores are good to have for teens and growing Sims. You can even build grocery stores.