The Sims 2

GT: Are there plans to incorporate cheat codes into The Sims 2? Will the famous “rosebud” cheat be making its return?

A romantic moment.

Lucy: Oh yeah. You can’t ship a game without cheats!!!

GT: Will any celebrities make their way into the game?

Lucy: There have been no announcements at this time.

GT: Will we see the return of special Sims like the sad clown and mime? Are there any new characters that Sims 2 players should keep an eye out for?

Lucy: There are definitely a couple of new characters in the mix For example, when your Sim is really lonely, he may be visited by his very own imaginary bunny. Check out what happens if you end up with a couple of bunnies on your lot of different colors. And, my favorite, the Shrink is all new.

GT: What changes are in store for the romantic lives of Sims? Are good moods and high relationship scores still enough to secure a mate?

Lucy: Sims can have the lifelong aspiration for Romance in The Sims 2. These Sims are a bit on the lusty side and you’ll see this in their Wants and Fears panel. Starting at teens, they will want to hook up with boyfriends or girlfriends and it is never bad to have a backup in the case of the Romantic Sim. Crushes, First Kisses and Going Steady all play a major role in a Teen Sims’ life. Hopefully they won’t have a big zit on the night of their big date.

Our romantic Sims also have a tendency to get a bit confident when they are doing well and you’ll see them strut about with a sexy swagger. They can charm other Sims a bit more easily and even make them swoon.