The Hobbit Walkthrough

Chapter 9: Inside Information (CHPTR9)

()Retrieve the Golden Cup
()Find Smaug's Weak Spot
()Bridge the Cavern
[]Find Groin's Giant Ruby
[]Find King Bladorthin's Spears
[]Find the Golden Tray
[]Find the Necklace of Girion

This is probably the hardest level to write a walkthrough for because it 
certainly is NOT linear! I'll walk you through the best I can, but by this time 
you should be pretty well acquainted with how to do things so hopefully you 
won't need too much help.

Remeber, there are many ways to do this level, you could get chests right at 
the beginning, you could save them all for the end, however you choose to do it 
is fine, only if you don't do it exactly how I do it, then I can't help you 

Walk into the tunnel. After a short way you'll come to a large room and a save 
station, save if you want to, though it's really not that much closer than the 
other save station.

Hop up the steps, following the blue CP and you'll get a cutscene. So THAT's 
Smaug eh? Terrifying.

I want you to follow the trail of Blue CP, don't turn to the right or left, 
just follow the CP. Forget about the chests. Trust me. You can get them later. 
All you want now is to get to your objectives by following the Blue CP. Go.

Down the steps and turn to your left, across a gap (don't step on the Gold 
coins as that rates really high on the "Smaug-o-meter") to the row of three 
blue CP, then onto the chain a little to the left so you can hop on top of that 
broken pillar with the CP on top of it.

Right at this next part, Smaug's tail is going up and down next to a brown 
treasure chest. You don't want to get the chest just yet! Just time it and jump 
down and run towards that save station. Behind the Save station is a pillar 
with a blue CP on it, then to the left of that one is some more pillars. Keep 
following the trail.

Go past another brown chest. Tantalizing isn't it? Well......Jump up and then 
drop down, turn to your right and keep going. Now you can jump onto some chains 
to get to a cleared spot (next to a block, a Dwarf Head Statue, and a save 
station) save if you want and carefully drag the block over to where the Blue 
CP are sitting. Be careful and watch the Smaug-o-meter or else he'll wake up 
and you'll be toast!

Remember this Spot in particular. I'll call it The-Clearing.

Once you have the block over there, get on top and jump up onto that large 
ledge with the blue CP on it. Then keep hopping up the levels of this pillar, 
following the trail of CP. When you get to the top, turn and jump onto that 
hanging platform. From there onto a chain and another hanging platform. Repeat 
and hop to a chain and then a second chain next to it. 

Camera view changes down and you can slide down the chain to the cup of Thror. 
Quite nerver-racking eh? Being this close to a dragon! 
After the cutscene, jump down to those blue CP, then take a left and you'll see 
some other blue CP out in the distance. Go to them. You'll have to eventually 
run under Smaug's tail again. Then out the passage way. When you get to the 
hallway leading back to the Dwarves you should (if you've been following) have 
these stats.

0 Silver Pennies, 53 Courage Points, 0 Chests

Pretty pathetic huh? Well, we'll do better later. Trust me. Keep going down the 
hall for another cinematic. The CP that Thorin gives you should be enough for 
another health Bubble, if you've been following through getting perfects on 
every level. Go back into the cave for another cinematic. Smaug is awake now 
and we'll have to be more cautious. Slip on your ring when you are out in the 
open. Again, only follow the trail of Blue CP, no more. Don't get any treasure 
chests, there will be plenty of time for that later.

After you go down the "steps" instead of going for Smaug's tail, you'll want to 
turn to the left and climb up on that slab, gathering the Blue CP. You can 
stand behind pillars and stuff and recharge your ring if you need to. You're 
heading for The-Clearing. Hide behind the Dwarf head statue to recharge. Then 
continue on towards Smaug. Running past the length of Smaug you'll be on a 
long, fallen, broken pillar going towards a Dwarf-Head Pillar. This is another 
important place to remember, I'll call it the Dwarf-Pillar. 

You'll probably be low on Ring Power when you get to the other side of this 
pillar, so rest for a few moments and save if you desire. Now jump on top of 
the Dwarf-Pillar and alternate jumping from a platform to a chain and back to a 
platform until you get to the large one with the Pink and Red CP on it. This is 
where you are supposed to be. Gather the CP (nice after all those blue one eh?) 
and a cutscene will ensue.

After the cutscene (which I really enjoy every time) you'll find yourself back 
in The-Clearing and a trail of White CP lead you out this time! Joy! Hide 
behind the pillars when you hear Smaug take a breath. Then wait until ALL of 
the fire subsides (even the smoking stuff) and then hightail it to the next 
hiding spot. You don't HAVE to wear your ring through here, but it sure makes 
it more fun :)

After a short while you'll make it to the last White CP and a cutscene will 
take over. Don't you just love that story-board picture of Bilbo!

Thorin asks you to get the dwarves across the Chasm, but we have other plans. 
Now that the Dragon is gone, we can take all the treasure we want! Hurrah!

Talk to the four dwarves closest to the Save station and they will each tell 
you of some treasure they would like. We'll find it for them.

This is the hard part for me, because I can't really say "turn three degrees to 
the north and take two steps and then to the right and over a small mound is a 
treasure chest." It simply will not work! So you'll be on your own for the 
bottom floor. Just stay on the very bottom and go around all the edges and 
such. Don't go down into the chasm yet, just gather treasure chests and sacks 
of coins. Don't jump up on anything just yet. Please!

Over by The-Clearing is some sacks of Silver Pennies near a grate by the wall. 
Keep following the wall counter-clockwise around the room to gather in some 
chests. Don't jump up to any of the upper levels yet! Not even if it's "right 
there!!" Don't get onto any of the walkways around the edges of the rooms, not 
even for a short detour. Just collect everything in on the gold coins, all the 
treasure chests and all. Don't go on top of the Dwarf-Pillar either.

When you are through, save near the Dwarves (as a reference point) and check.

1150 Silver Pennies, 919 Courage Points, 15 Chests

Not bad! Go back to The-Clearing. Nearby you'll see a chain hanging, it goes up 
to a higher level and you can get to the chain by getting on top of a block. 
Before you go too far up, jump to that blue chest in that middle balcony. Then 
back on the chain. At the top of it you'll be able to jump to another chain, 
and from that one you can access a switch on a balcony. Go ahead.

Now climb back down and go to The-Clearing. Behind it (towards the wall) is the 
panel that the switch opened, and inside is the necklace of Girion! Back to 
The-Clearing and go counter-clockwise around the room. You'll come to a low 
balcony that you can easily jump up onto and gather in a Pink CP and some sacks 
of Silver Pennies.

There is nothing really to do now but go to the Dwarf-Pillar (remember that?) 
Save at the station here. 

1400 Silver Pennies, 944 Courage Points, 16 Chests

Don't get the chest right there just yet. I want you to jump to the low balcony 
on the opposite side. From here you can get to some chains and climb up. 
There's another switch up here! Activate it and then turn around and go back 
towards the blue chest (counter-clockwise). Open it and then go back to the 
switch. See that save station way over there? That's where we're going baby! 
Get onto the decoration ledges on the wall and walk your way over there. Nifty!

Up here is a chest and a panel in the wall that needs to be open. We'll be back 
here later. For now, get on the railing and walk your way to some sacks of SP 
(you're going clockwise around the room now right?) and hey! Some spears too! 
Awesome. Go back and past the save station (unless you know of an easier way to 
get to the bottom) and back to the Dwarf-Pillar. 

Now get that chest on the opposite side! Okay, this might be a little tricky 
but it's very possible. Line yourself up so you can do a pole jump to the left 
of the chest, you're trying to get over that slab. If you get on top of the 
slab, then good, jump up to the balcony. If you fall to the lower balcony, 
don't fret, just jump back up to the slab and jump to the upper balcony. There 
is a gold chest up here. This is all you want up here so go back to the lower 
balcony and get the Gold chest there, then continue on down the walkway towards 
the sack of CP and some stairway going up on your right. This is the exit and 
we can't leave just yet so don't worry about it.

Go up the other side and gather in that green CP. Hey! There's a big slab 
blocking our path! Turn right around and up onto the ledge on the wall, now we 
can get up onto another walkway. Not much up here except a dangling chain. 
Climb up it. It doesn't matter which way you go, you're on the uppermost 
walkway now. I went counter-clockwise around the room.

The pillars conveniently have little ledges that you can walk around on, so do 
that. You'll collect a sack of SP. Go a little further and get two more sacks. 
Now right past those two sacks are two pillars and in between those two pillars 
are two MORE sacks of SP! Get them! Then grab the white CP.

You'll come to a couple of hangin chains that you can go across, well, go 
across then!

Ah! At last! A save station! Get the chest next to the station and then save.

2900 Silver Pennies, 1024 Courage Points, 22 Chests

Keep going towards the next Gold Chest. If you go past the Pink and White CP 
(getting them as you go) and turn around, you'll see a Pink one sitting out on 
a pillar. That's inconvenient! But if you get it, it is possible to pole-jump 
back to the platform. If you die, well, you just saved back there didn't you?

Keep going counter-clockwise and get the next Gold Chest. Then drop down to the 
save station. Phew! Activate the switch there. Now if you want, there is a 
skeleton key sitting on the next balcony (counter-clockwise) and that brings 
you back to where you got onto these ledges, but if you get that, then come 
back to the save station. We're going on some platforms!

3175 Silver Pennies, 1149 Courage Points, 24 Chests

Jump on the hanging platform nearby. Go clockwise up the platforms to the one 
with the save station one it. Near this one you'll see a Gold Chest down below 
on a pillar-archway. It's easy to get. Now get back up on the platforms. Keep 
going clockwise and you'll pick up a couple of Pink CP. When you get the one on 
the chain, slide down the chain and jump to the chain that you see that has a 
Pink CP on it. You should get another Health Bubble! Just wait for the 
platforms to swing close to you (or rather the chains) and then make your jump. 
Keep going for a white CP on one of those chains (you're underneath the 
platforms now). Don't fall!

When you get the white one, go back on the chains and back up onto the 
platforms again, going clockwise again to another save station. Get on the 
chain next to it and down to the Gold Chest. All right! Master Jump Tactics for 
the Sword!

Back onto the platform and save if you will. Then jump onto the last platform, 
get the Pink CP and onto the next chain for the last one. From this chain you 
can get onto a platform that will lead right down to where you got on these 
hanging platforms of doom.

3300 Silver Pennies, 1349 Courage Points, 26 Chests

Not doing bad! Now get down to the bottom floor, all we have left is those two 

Down behind the Dwarf Pillar is the Gold Platter. Get it. Now get onto the left 
arm of the Dwarf-Pillar (his left arm) and get onto that lower balcony, onto 
the chains, and over to that save station (remember I said we'd be going back 
there?). Get on the ledges on the walls to get there. Back here is the Giant 
Ruby! All right, now go back to the dwarves and give them their treasures. 
After you've talked to the dwarves, save.

3300 Silver Pennies, 1849 Courage Points, 26 Chests

Get on the chain, we're going down into the chasm.

Follow it down for the first Blue CP that are leading you down. Then just keep 
going, you really can't go wrong (unless you fall).

When you come to the first vine, climb up it to the very top and jump onto that 
ledge. Then onto the next vine and over to the ledge with the SP on it. Go back 
the way you came and follow down until you get to the very bottom. You should 

3340 Silver Pennies, 1861 Courage Points, 26 Chests

And the Courage Points are the big thing. Did you get all of the little blue 
ones coming down?

Now go around the bottom area (in the water) collecting all of the chests. Just 
follow along the wall. There are four in the water and one up above underneath 
where the large wooden gate is sitting. Get them and you have all the chests! 

There is a save station at the bottom, go ahead and save. Now you can do this 
next part in two ways.

You need to fill up the cavern with water, the way we accomplish this is to 
drag all of the blocks on top of all of the holes in the cavern so the water 
can fill up. You can go and get all of the items first on the way up, or if you 
think you're fast enough, then just move that one in the water on top of that 
little whirl-pool and then make a dash for the top, not missing anything and 
moving all the blocks as you go! It's not too difficult to make the dash, but 
if you're not confident, well......

Move the block onto the whirlpool in the water. 
By the way, if any of the blocks accidentally drop into the water, by all means 
DO NOT save or else you'll be stuck!

Move the first (dry) block into place (you'll know you have it right when a 
short loading scene shows) and then run up to the next one. There are some pods 
on the way you can break open. They are off to the right and before you get to 
the second block. Move the second one in (third if you count the bottom)

3765 Silver Pennies, 1879 Courage Points, 31 Chests

And these numbers are for if you are doing it the "Speedy" Way.

Keep going up and quickly off to your right there is a platform with four sacks 
of SP, you want to get those, pole-jump back and continue up past the save 
station. I would NOT save it I were you. Push the block into position and 
continue on. Up ahead you can see some pillars in the water to the left but you 
don't want to go there yet, keep going straight for some more Silver Pennies 
and some pods. Break the pods and keep going (nerve-rending isn't it) and 
gather in for more Sacks and three pods with three more sacks. NOW you can 
hurry back to the pillar in the center and get on it, onto the next pillar, 
onto the vines (getting the CP) and finally onto the gate! Whew!

Since it's a long ride up, it's a perfect place for a checkpoint.

4000 Silver Pennies, 1900 Courage Points, 31 Chests

And we'll get the last 200 Courage Points when we get to the top, leaving us 

4000 Silver Pennies, 2100 Courage Points, 31 Chests

To end the level, just head on up the stairs.

Remarkable Mr. Baggins! Yet another perfect! I am still saving my Silver 
Pennies, but if you want to buy something then you can buy some Waters of 
Fortitude, since that's all you really need. I'm saving my money until after 
this next level and then buying a bunch of Waters of Fortitude at one time! 
I've got 8,522 SP right now :)

You can only buy three Waters of Fortitude at a time, so buy some in this level 
so you can get your max. Otherwise you'd not be able to buy one!