EVE Online Player Reviews

"As with all online games, you pay for real time rather than online time. This game would suit a teenager with a broadband connection and a lot of time to kill.

If, like me, you only get a few hours a week to play, it costs way too much since you spend best part of your time trying to get online to play it. You can't play it like a PC game that loads in a few seconds so you can play for half an hour and save your progress. If you only have half an hour, forget it because EVE will have you sitting around for most of that logging in and selecting your player and then waiting for your last saved position to load. By the time you actually get to play, you may have about 5 minutes left of your half hour.

This game would also have been better suited to a single player addon which would enable you to familiarise yourself with the interface before going online. Even if the addon only had a small galaxy and a few drones to shoot at, at least you would enter Eve Online with some experience instead of looking and acting like a total newb.

If you select mining as your primary job, you start with a tutorial which takes you through the basics of manouvering, mining, navigation and ore processing. After that, you are on your own. There is no help with kitting out your ship, trading or even buying a new ship so newbies are often left in tin cans with pea shooters as weapons, this is great fun for veterans who are looking for easy kills to knock up their kill scores. You may finally figure out how to upgrade, after suffering death a few dozen times and possibly even become a veteran yourself but don't count on it." - Dale