Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Walkthrough & Game Guide

VI. Small Online Guide
On battle.net there are a ton of custom games and sponsored battle.net
gametypes to play.  It would take a lifetime to go
over every single custom game, and although a ton of people play them, most
of the focus in Wc3 is ladder, where it
should be.
Here are the ladder gametypes and a bit of  run through for each of them.

Solo (1 versus 1)
This is just you versus someone else.  Pretty bland, but this is where most
of the skill is.  Solo is pretty intense at higher
levels.  Right now in patch 1.12 solo essentially consists of each person
doing the “cheesiest” strategy possible.  This
consists of fiends+statues for undead, Rifle+sorc or AIR with HU etc.

Random Team
Random Team pits you and  between 1-3 random partners (depending on what RT
type you choose.  There is 2v2,
3v3,and 4v4), against an = number of hopefully equally skilled opponents.  A
lot of people play RT, which also means
there are a lot of people that are new to the game.  The risk of getting bad
partners is one you have to take when playing

FFA (free for all)
Essentially a small number of individuals fight against each other, without
any teams.  Even blizzard representative say
that FFA is not fair because of teaming and other stuff that goes on before
and during games.  Not a very commonly
played gametype.

I won’t go into strategies for all of these, but I’ll give some helpful hints
on how to get better.
1. Scout and creep often, don’t always be sitting in your base.   The more
you do, the more experience you have, the
higher level heroes.
2. hotkeys.  Hotkey whatever you can, and use the hotkeys blizzard gives you
if you don’t feel like making custom
ones (custom hotkeys are VERY HELPFUL, as blizzard hotkeys are all over the
keyboard).  HotkeyBuildings, units
etc.   I tend to put people that do a certain type of damage in each control
group.  Also make good use of tab, this is
especially important when using hero nukes such as, coil and nova.  Having
your death knight and lich,  in a control
group and simply hitting C+click then tab and then N+click shoots of
coil+nova very fast.  Learn your hotkeys.
3. Learn damage types and counters.
4. WATCH REPLAYS.  Watch your own and watch replays of very good people.
There are websites everywhere with
“gosu” replays.  These help.
5. micro wars helps.  Micro management is very important and determines the
outcome of a battle.