Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Walkthrough & Game Guide

Bonus Orc Campaign: The Founding of Durotar
Before you start this, I would just like to point out that in ladder games or
custom game in single player the beastmaster and the Shadow Hunter do not have
these spells, and you can not exceed level 10, and your skills can't go past level
3, nor do your ultimates have two levels.

This campaign consists of I believe three chapters that will be released over time
by blizzard and are downloadable.  The first one was packaged with the game

Act one: To Tame a Land
In the months following the Battle of Mount Hyjal, warchief Thrall  led the horde
back into the central Barrens of Kalimdor. Freed at last from generations of
demonic corruption, the orcs looked forward to building a new homeland for
themselves in malodor.  They settled in a harsh rugged land near the Barrens'
eastern shore.  Thrall named the new nation Durotar-in honor of his heroic father.

After the cut scene head down the hill, and notice that you have two skill points
and you are only at level 1.... Head north towards the red outpost that has been
revealed to you.  Fight some Razormanes along the way and find your first
resurrection stone.   Eventually you'll meet up with some grunts and they'll move
to the side and let you see thrall.

This will complete the very short first main quest.   After a cut scene with
thrall you'll receive three options, and another hero for you to control.  Rokhan.
Bring Rexxar and Rokhan to any of the three people that Thrall told you to see
(they ping sometimes).  I suggest doing Naz'Grel's last.

Drek Thar (the farseer)'s task
-Main Quest: Thunder Herb Collect six shimmerweed herbs
-return to Drek'Thar.

Head out of the encampment and head northwest.   You might have to fight some
centaurs along the way.  There should be an easy path to follow and if you just
keep going northwest you should hit the exact place where you need to go.  There
are just some centaurs at the beginning of the path that die very easily.   If you
head along the right path you can kill some centaur archers and an impale and
break open a cage to get a shaman.   You'll know you're going to the right
direction to Thunder Ridge because you'll meet up with some lightning lizards.

Eventually you'll enter a shimmering zone, which will bring you to Thunder Ridge.
After the new map loads you'll enter on the south west corner.  If you head along
the initial path east you'll fight a thunder lizard.  To the north of him is a
shimmerweed.  If you head east even more you'll fight some thunder lizards
lizards, and a  giant storm wyrm.  This will give you a ton of experience and
there are two shimmerweeds right in that area.

In the middle of the map there is a fountain of mana.  To the east there are some
thunder lizards.  To the east of that there is another shimmerweed.   To the west
of the fountain there are a few thunder lizards as well as another shimerweed.

If you continue west and go south there is yet another shimmerweed guarded by some
lizards.  If you've been following what I've been writing this should complete the
quest.  There are many other shimmerweeds scattered around thunder ridge.  They
aren't very hard to find.

When you have 6 had back to the shimmering ground and that will bring you back to
the main map.  Go back to  Drek'Thar and he'll give you 5 enchanted vials that
regenerate 200 hp and 75 mana over 30 seconds.

Gazlowe's  (looks like a sapper) problem
Main Quest: Seal the Tunnel
-Enter the Goblin tunnels beneath ogrimmar,
-destroy the support Columns
-Report your success to Gazlowe.

Head east out of the encampment.  Where you need to go is pinging so don't need to
give you very complex directions.  All that is really there on the way  is
centaurs.  Don't forget to take the gold coins near the entrance to the
underground part of ogrimmar.   Step on the shimmering ground and you'll be
brought to the Ogrimmar Tunnels.

Head east and you'll have a cut scene with the goblin sappers.   Your job is
essentially to just slaughter all of the kobolds.  Head south and kill all the
kobolds here.  Then head east, and kill some more kobolds, repeat again and kill
another large group of kobolds in the water .  If you continue heading southeast
you'll find the first support beam.  You'll have to fight a ton of kobolds,  but
healing wave should  keep you alive well.  When the path is clear send a sapper to
the support column.  It will drop in one blast.

Now head north west.   You'll fight some more kobolds.  You'll end up right to the
north of your starting point. Go get the rusty mine pick laying near the north
entrance into the cavern.  From the northwest of this point is the support mine.
There is one group before this that consists of a geomancer and a few kobolds and
then the group near the support beam consists of a task master and a geomancer, in
addition to low level kobolds.  When this is clear bring yet another sapper and
have him kaboom this support beam.

Head far to the east and fight some wildkins.  Then head southeast for some more
kobolds.   Head east here too and you'll have the option of fighting a tunneler
and some kobolds to get a gold coin.  Head north east from here and you'll have to
fight a huge group of kobolds a couple geomancers a task master and a BUNCH of
kobolds) guarding the last support beam(. When that is clear, you can  kaboom this
support beam.   Head back to the shimmering ground at the beginning of the map and
then back to the main map.  Then head back to the orc town and talk to Gazlowe.
He'll give you a runed gauntlet and an arcane scroll.

Naz'Grel's Assignment:
Main Quest: Harpy Threat
-Kill Bloodfeather
-return to nazgrel

You know where bloodfeather is so head in that direction (north/northwest).
You'll find the entrance to bloodfeather up a hill with teeth going up the sides
of it.  As you head north you'll find the remnants of a caravan gold and all.
Fight the Harpies guarding it and take the gold coins.  Keep heading north and
killing harpies as you go along.  Eventually the path will spin and start going
south east.  This leads up to some harpy rogues and windwitches and eventually
Bloodfeather. She is not that hard.  Just use quillbeast and stormbolt while using
Rokhan to heal.

Bloodfeather drops a nice item, Bloodfeathers heart which increases agility by 10
(give it to Rokhan).  Take all of The gold coins and then head back to Naz'Grel
for even better items.

When you meet up with Naz'Grel he'll tell you that you can go tot eh armory and
get some special items at the armory. Go to the armory (it's at the south of the
camp).  You can get firehand gauntlets, which increase armor by 5 and attack rate
by 20% when worn, or an arcanite shield which reduces damage from ranged attacks
by 30% and increases armor by 5, and also Bladebane armor which gives the hero 7
armor and nearby units 1 extra defense.  Pick an item
Once you have done these three quests head back to thrall.
He'll give you a new main quest
Main Quest; Survey The Border
-Speak with Gar'thok at the observatory
-Follow the tunnel through the beast den.
-Reach the observatory
--Return to thrall
Head to the observatory to the north east.  Thrall reveals it on the minimap so
there are really no directions to give. Along the way you'll fight some centaurs
and harpies.  Make sure you hit the resurrection stone on your way there (its
southwest of the watch post.
Once you reach the outpost you'll talk with Gar'thok who'll give you the optional

Optional Quest: Slay the Quillboars (look at this anyway if you are just trying to
complete the main quest.  All you have to do to complete this part of the main
quest is go from one shimmering ground to the other)
-locate the beast den
-slay all of the quillboars

Head to the south east.  Kill the quillboars guarding the area and then step on
the shimmering ground. This will bring you to the beast den.  There are 50
quillboars.  There are a few at the beginning near the resurrection stone.  Then a
few more to the north west of here.  Head south of that to kill about 5 more. The
south east part of the map is mostly satyrs who give experience and some nice
items.  To the northwest of the satyr is a quilboar and some spirit pigs.
Northwest of him are a bunch more quilillboars. After these are dead there are
only 32 left.   Head to the north east to kill a group of 5 more.   Keep going in
that direction and kill another 4.  There will be another quillboar with some
wolves who drops a rune of rebirth.  Then head south east of him for another few
and then to the west of that for another one with some wolves.  Go north east of
those two groups for three more.  Even further in are a bunch more.  After these
only 10 remain.  Head south east for another one and then even further for a few
more. There should only be 6 more left .  Head west of these and you'll find the
final six.  You'll get an extra point to spend on your skills.   Go to the north
west of these six through shimmering ground and you'll be sent  back to the main
Now head to the observatory to the north east.   After looking through the
observatory head back to thrall inside of the encampment.
After the cut scene you  can head  back to the watchpost or do an optional quest
(you don't have to do it now...or ever, but you can do it now if you like.
Head to the thunder ridge shimmering ground in the north western part of the map
if you want to do the optional quest.  Watch out for omni-annoying thunder lizards
that come in large packs.   Head into  the shimmering ground and you'll go to
Thunder Ridge.  Meet up with Drek'Thar and there will be cut scene with him.
Optional Quest: Thunder Lizards
-discover the cause of the lizard Migration
Optional Quest: Collect Lizard Eggs
-Collect three lizard eggs

Start off by heading to the middle of the map and fight your way through some
lizards.  Then head east.  Fight some thunder lizards and then a story wyrm.
North of him inside of a bush is a thunder lizard egg.  Head south east, and kill
the thunder lizards and storm wyrm.  West from here is yet another group of
lizards.  Kill them and then take the egg in a bush near them.  Head back into the
middle of the map to the fountain. Head north west and kill all of the lizards
here and make sure to go all the way and kill a storm wyrm and get the final egg.
Head back to the fountain of mana and Head north east under the arc.

You'll meet up with some humans and they'll run away.
After the cut scene you'll discover why they are going crazy.  Now you have to
kill thunder lizards.  I won't go play by play, but just scour the map for thunder
lizards.   It shouldn't be too hard because you've probably already killed a lot
of them.  Oh and its not only thunder lizards its all lizards.

Once you kill all of the lizards you get the Thunder lizard diamond, and if you
get all of the eggs you'll get Drek'thar's spellbook!! Head back to the shimmering
ground and back to thrall.   He'll be confused. And you'll complete the optional

Now if you haven't already head back to the outpost. You'll realize the camp has
already been razed,  and Now you have to destroy their base.  Head across the
bridge to the northeast part of the map. You'll fight some wildkins.  Keep along
the path and you'll find the remnants of a battle.  Fight the knights, casters and
riflemen and then take the path to the south west.   Take out the tower (naz'grel
is awesome for this) and head into the base.   Kill the other tower and focus on
the small units next to the boats.   Kill the knight and then head north.  Inside
of here is a tiny human encampment.  Take out the cannon towers and then focus on
the units.  Make sure to use storm bolt and healing wav as well as your summons.
Once they are dead go to town on the base.  Make sure to take the Shield of Honor.
Then head back to thrall.
Thrall will give you another main quest, to warn the trolls.  Head to the zeppelin
to the east (it's location is revealed  on the mini map).  You'll have to fight
some centaurs along the way, they shouldn't be too hard.  You'll also have to
fight some quillboars, but you should slaughter them pretty easily.  Even further
to the east are some spider crabs.  They should die very easily as well.  Just
keep going east from there and you'll eventually reach the zeppelin.   Head into
the shimmering ground and you'll be taken to the echo isles.

Once at the echo isles, head to the north and go the to the resurrection stone.
Head east, and fight some limb rippers.  Then head north and fight the murlocs and
the revenants. Then head through the arch to the northeast.   You'll have to fight
some skeletal orc grunts.  Head north to fight some more skeletal orcs, incuding a
champion. Head east and kill a few more revenants.   Head to the east and fight a
few greater dark minions and then a death revenant and a deathlord.  Make sure you
pick up the crown of the deathlord..   from here head south east.  Kill the
revenants and then head south east across the water to fight some enraged jungle
stalkers.   Head further east on this island and fight two more enraged jungle
stalkers and then head north to Vol'Jin's island (you can head to the east to kill
some hydra if you want experience).  When you get to Vol'Jin there will be a cut

You'll get turned into dragon. Rexxar has roar and bloodlust, while Rokhan has
healing wave (USE IT)  You have to kill 5 human ships.  Head north and you'll
fight some riflemen and gryphons.  Then take out the ships   You'll want to kill
the frigates and the gryphons first because they can kill you.   Make sure to pick
up replacement bat riders.   There is a battleship directly north of Vul'jin's
island.   Then to the west there is another one (but it is guarded), and then
there is yet another one firing at the shore to the west that is guarded by a
gryphon and a bunch of frigates.  Battleships can not hit air so take them out
after you take out the stuff guarding them.  At the final island in the north west
there are two, one on the north east side, one on the south west side.  This will
do it for the battleships. Head back to Vol'jin.

Now you have to light 5 signal barriers.  Head east and take your two berserkers
and the ancestral staff.  Head east and then north.  Fight the sea giants who are
guarding the first pyre.   Simply step on the pyre.  Then head southeast (if you
head west here you can fight some behemoths for a boots of quel'thelas). You'll
run into some turtles.  Kill then and  continue east and take out the sea giants
here. Head even further east and you'll fight some more Sea Giants and find the
second signal pyre. Step on it and take the gold coin that the sea giants drop.
Head  north and kill the large group of turtles.  Watch out as the dragon turtles
can devour your berserkers.   Head east and kill some more sea giants for the
third signal pyre.  They will drop a rune of rebirth, which lets you  have control
of a sea giant hunter.  Step on the pyre and head south east.   Three more
berserks will join you.  Continue east and fight some more sea giants near a
fountain of mana.  Take the gold coin they drop and use the fountain of you need
it.   Head north and fight guardian of the deep and a sea giant.  Head further
north to fight another group of sea giants including a behemoth that are guarding
the fourth pyre.  Step on the pyre.  Head east and you can fight a large group of
powerful sea giants, (two guardians of the deep, A sea king, and two sea giants)
You'll get a lot of gold from this battle (the sea king alone drops around 350
gold), make sure to pick up the kill maim that he drops (ADDS 20 DAMAGE AND
VAMPIRIC ATTACK!!!) Head south for another big group of sea giants guarding the
last pyre.  Kill them and step on the last pyre.  Head back to the shimmering
ground at the far west of this island where you started the signal pyre main
quest.    You'll be back at Vol'jin, head back to where you started the original
quest (way at the west again.   GO back to the shimmering ground at the very
beginning and you'll be taken back to the main map.

Back on the main map head to thrall.
Head to razor hill in the southeast corner of the map.  You'll have to fight some
higher-level centaurs along the way but they should die pretty easily.  As you get
closer you'll have to fight a large group of Razormanes.  You know  where to go
and when you get there you'll see a cut scene.    You'll have to fight a bunch of
humans.   Use stampede if you have it or voodoo spirits.  You should be at least
level 6 so this should be easy especially if you have nice items, like the Kill
After they are dead you'll see another cut scene.  After that, head back to
thrall.  You'll see the last cut scene for act one.  Congratulations, you've
completed the first act of the Orc Campaign.  Blizzard will release the other acts
later, to be continued.
The names for those acts are
Act II: old hatred
Act III: A blaze of glory