Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Walkthrough & Game Guide

Mision 7
There are three parts to this mission all can be played individually after
completing them.

Part 1: Into the Shadow web Caverns
At that same moment in Northrend King Arthas and Anub'arak march into the dark,
forgotten halls of Azjol-Nerub.

When you start off head to the right, and the ground will be lowered.  Use your
meat wagon to hit the barrel of explosive to hit the lever on the other side.
Kill the riflemen and then cross the platform and step on the glowing platform.
The gate will open, head to the east.  In a cut scene the bridge will blow up.

 Head right and destroy the siege engine and the riflemen.
Head north near the bridge, and break open a  barrel for the first gold stash

In the southeast part of this room there are barrels of explosives.  Destroy these
and proceed through this path.  Head to the right and kill the nerubians.   Head
to the bottom right part of this room for the second gold coin.   In the upper
right part off this room there is a lever.  Hit it and a rolling stone wall will
open.  Head north and then break the crates for a tome.  Then break the rocks at
the northern part of this room.   Head inside of this room and break the lever at
the north east part of this room to deactivate the spike trap.  Break a barrel
above it for the third gold coin.  You can step on the glowing ground now to get
the spiked collar.

Now break the lever in the northwest part of the room.  Fight off some nerubians
and go up the ramp for an orb of frost inside of that box.  Some dwarves will run
through a  rolling stone door.   Kill them (they line up for impale).  Inside of
here destroy the barrels of explosives and kill off the rest of the riflemen.
Head to the south west and kill the siege engine and the riflemen. Hit the lever
and head east. Hit the barrel of explosives to the south with a  crypt fiend or
meatwagon to kill the riflemen.

Then hit the lever and head across the platform and kill the riflemen and
nerubians fighting in the next room.  Break open a  barrel in the bottom left
corner for the fourth gold coin. Hit the lever next to where they were fighting to
open the gate.

The last gold coin is located in the waterfall to the north here.  South of where
the gold coin was is a gate.  Destroy it and go east and be prepared to fight
Baelgun.  I'd kill all of the riflemen first, to see if Anub'arak can get to level
6 if he isn't already.  Locust swarm, impale, and coil, and it should be pretty
easy.  Take the blood key he drops and step on the gray circle.   The gates will
open and the first part of mission 7 will be completed
Part 2: The Forgotten Ones
Moments later, within the Inner Kingdom

Start off by taking your forces north and you'll see the first nerubian trap.
Destroy the Rock Chunks to the left.   Hit the first lever.  Head to the right and
take the first gold coin.
Optional Quest: Find the gold stashes
-find the five gold stashes
(I'll tell you when they come up)
Head north and kill the nerubians and then hit the lever to sink the nerubian
trap.  Go across the middle of the room and break open the gate. Head north and
kill all of the nerubians here.    Head north and you'll run into a crypt fiend.
Slightly south of the crypt fiend is a crate which when you break open will reveal
the second gold stash
Optional Quest: Rescue the Crypt Friends
-find and release the crypt fiends
(there are two groups to find, I'll tell you where both of them are when you get
near them)
Head north across the platforms.  They'll sink and you'll have to fight the
shorecrawlers.   Then head east You can take the belt of giant strength if you
want but a bunch of nerubians to come out of the walls.

If you want to do the optional quest, break the rolling stone wall and save the
ones ensnared to the south.  Kill the other nerubians and then heal the fiends.
Break open the rolling stone door on the other side and go to a fountain of
health.   There is a gold coin in one of the eggs in this room.

Now head into the room to the east.  Don't even wait for them to start talking, go
from lever to lever as fast as possible.  Then kill the nerubian queen and the
hatchlings that have already come out.   There is a gold coin in one of the eggs
in the north east part of this room.   Break the iron gate  and head south.
You'll eventually ruin into some large nerubians.  Try to impale them and then
focus fire to make it easier.  On the eastern wall of this room is a crate, break
it open for the last gold coin.

Break open the gate to the east and in the next room you'll meet up with the
faceless.  The tentacles die quickly, and so do the tricksters.  They shouldn't
hurt you too badly.   Head south and kill the faceless guarding the group of crypt
fiends to complete that optional quest.

Now head east and break open the gate. Go through it and there will be a cutscenee
about the forgotten one.  The real strategy for this is get really close to him.
He'll end up flamestriiking himself.  Put on locust swarm as soon as possible and
coil everything.  He has a lot of health, but he'll die eventually.

Part 3: Ascent to the Upper Kingdom
Moments later, at the entrance to the Upper Kingdom.  Okay this entire mission is
about timing.  Break open one of the crates for a healing potion and head south
Time your running so  you start going across right after the first row of flames
start to go away.  Then step on the glowing platform.
Head east if you want to do the optional quest
Optional quest: Find the gold stashes
-find the three gold stashes
(I'll tell you when you come upon them)
To the east there is a gold stash.  and then hit the lever to open the gate.  Go
through the gate.  You should see the wave-like motion of the first row of fire.
You'll want to cross right at the glowing platform.  You can then go up a little
bit slightly to the right and then sneak down the side on to the next glowing
platform.  Then go up to the next platform and across to the next glowing
platform.  The puzzle will stop.  If you want to do the optional quest go tot he
north of this room and break the rolling stone door to get the second coin.   Then
head to the east, to the fountain of health. You should be able to heal completely
in less than 30 seconds so use it. Go   north and hit the lever and go through the

Now go quickly to the first power generator to the east break it open and then
head north just keep clicking ignore everything.  As soon as you see the next one
(far to the north and slightly to the east) right click it and destroy it.   Then
you should be able to see the last power generator. Right click it and destroy it
and then go right across the  bridge that forms.

You will get ensnared, and as far as I know there is no way to avoid it. Try  not
to get surrounded.   You can get the item if you want by stepping on the glowing
platforms and then taking it.  Continue east and hop on a  platform.  Make your
wayacross to the right by just timing it right.  When you get to the last column
on the right wait for a platform to go down to the level where it is on top but
not under the water and then head east.   Head south and then west and fight some
faceless.  Head east and kill more faceless.  Head south and kill a deathbringer
and then head farther south and break the crates for a  rune of dispel and a rune
of healing and the final gold coin.
Go to the right, and you will find a  bunch of faceless.  Focus fire and locust
swarm and they will all die very easily.  There are some runes if you need them in
the crates around here.  Once they are dead, simply head through the gate to the

Interlude: Boiling Point
Hours later, near the base of the Icecrown Glaicer, King Arthas and Anub'arak
finally reach the main stronghold of the Scourge.