Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Walkthrough & Game Guide

Mission 2: The Flight from Lordaeron.
The next morning, on the palace grounds, King Arthas and his majordomo,
Kel'Thuzad, discuss the Lich King's dire warning.

Start off by killing the ghouls around you.  Then break open the elven gate to the
north.  You'll meet up with some necromancers that have the new skeletal mage
upgrade.   Take the items that Kel'Thuzad had, and then head to the east.  Take
the potion of healing and you will fight some abominations.  Cripple them, and
they will be very easy to kill.  One of them drops a staff of reanimation.  Take
it and head west and kill some zombies and you'll get an abomination.   Go south
to take a gold coin and kill some crypt fiends.  If you keep going to the west you
can kill an abomination and then go south and kill some zombies to get a gold
coins.  Go back to where you got the abomination and head north and fight a
dreadlord and some fel beasts.  Break open the gate to the east of him and get a
couple crypt fiends.  If you go north and then west you can kill a couple fiends
and a necromancer and get a shade.  Head south of the shade towards a fountain of
mana with a gold coin take it and then head north and break open the gate.  Step
on the glowing ground and go to where it raised the ground (it pings on your mini
map), and get a boots of quel'thalas.

 Now head directly north. There are a whole bunch of necromancers and skeletons
here.  Kill the necromancers and then kill the skeletons, and take the claw of
attack+3.  Head back to where the fountain of mana was, and continue west break
the crates and kill the fiends.  Head north and you can do the optional quest.

Optional Quest: Meat wagon Surprise
-Kill the Armory guards
-rescue the meat wagons.
Head north and kill the dreadlord and the golems.   Then head west (you'll get
another abomination) and then south and break open the gate.  You'll get two meat
wagons.  You can head north and kill the skeletal mages and towers if you want to
get another gold coin.
Head east, and kill the skeletons. Break open the gate and  se your meat wagons
(if you have one) to destroy the spirit towers.   Once they are gone let your
units come in and kill the burrowed crypt fiends.  Step on the glowing ground at
the south east part of the room.  This lowers the wall to the north of the room,
head north.   Kill the fiends, and continue north take the orb of venom if you
want to.

 Head either to the east or to the west (you have to eventually go west). If you
go east  you have to fight some necromancer's zombies and skeletons, but there is
a large pile of corpses, and then you'll have to go back to the west anyway.

On the west path kill the abomination and skeletons.  Along the path you'll have
to fight some flesh golems. Then head west and north.  Kill the nerubian towers,
and  go to the east if you want to use a pile of corpses (you have to fight an
abomination and a couple necromancers).  Break open the gate to the north.    A
bunch of undead will be fighting, some allied with you.  Coil the injured and
fight alongside them.   Once they are dead, add units to your group and break the
city gate.  Head north and kill the abomination and necromancers near the pile of

From here you can go to either the east or west, or both if you want.  They are
identical paths.  So choose one, and fight a doomguard and some fel beasts.  Then
head north and kill some ghouls and a meatwagon and break open the gate to the
east/west(depends what side you're on).  There will be a difficult battle with a
dreadlord and some abominations but cripple helps.   Focus fire on abominations
and when enough die, animate dead.  Bloodfeast may have 3000 health but you'll
have invincible abominations.   Break open the city gate to the north and step on
the circle.


Interlude: Slyvanas's Farewell
Moments later, in the Tirisfal Glades, King Arthas and his banshee escorts stop to
regain their strength.