Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Walkthrough & Game Guide

Undead Missions
Point Distribution
Arthas (starts at level 10 but eventually drops to level 2, coil and aura are
already picked)
Coil/Unholy/Coil/Animate Dead/Unholy/Pact/pact/pact/
Sylvanas: (starts with points in black arrow and life drain: Arrow(feel free to
put silence in earlier if you
Vamathras (starts with two points in sleep, two points in vamp aura, and a point
in rain of fire): Doom/sleep (can switch with vamp aura if you are using a lot of
melee)/vamp aura/rain/rain.
Anub'arak (starts with one point in all): Impale/impale (you can go impale/spiked
if you want) Locust/spiked/spiked/beetles/beetles.
Mission 1: King Arthas
At the capital city of Lordaeron, near the ruined Palace Gardens, Archimonde's pet
dreadlords discuss their current plans for the scourge.

In this mission you'll have control over three undead forces .  Start off by
building around 7 ghouls at all three of the bases, and some of the other units
(abominations, necromancers, and banshees).  Leave these slightly ahead of your
base to fight off the fleeing humans.
I take each force individually to destroy their three towns and then switch to the
next, and do those three, only switching to a different force other than that when
they are being attacked (using nova or coil to pick off fleeing humans).  So pick
a  force and start., but remember to build units at the other bases.
Arthas's forces:
Build some more abominations and rally them to Arthas.  Head to the east, and kill
the militia and the captain and the paladin.  This should be too hard if you have
a lot of abominations.  Then destroy all the farms to obliterate the town.  Then
head north along the path and kill some footmen and a priest.  Continue north and
kill the sorceress, keep north and then  head west into the second human town.
Kill the Militia commander and the militia/spear throwers.  Kill the tower and
then kill the paladin and knights that teleport in.   When they are dead kill the
farms and then head north again, if you continue along the path you'll head
straight into another human base with cannon towers.  Focus your attack on those
towers and then kill the archmage and the casters .  then kill the paladin and his
knights that teleport in and Then kill the farms and the town will be obliterated.

Sylvanas' forces:
The basic strategy for this revolves around banshees,  build a ton of them and
make sure you possess a ton.   I highly suggest mastering the O+click technique
with your banshees, which will allow you  to take units very quickly.   If you can
bring 11 banshees and sylvanas you should be FINE if they have mana.   Buy some
scrolls of healing for your possessed units because you cant heal them any other
Bring your banshees and sylvanas to the west, and possess the two knights here
(they are to the south. and eventually you'll find a human town. Possess all of
the mortars quickly and then possess the paladin's knights and kill him.    Then
kill all the farms and head to the base to the north.   You can possess some
priests along the way if you like. Head north, and have your knights (you should
have at least four by now), kill the forces that try to Then kill the tower and
then  all of the farms and that town will be obliterated.

Now head to the east to the last of Sylvanas' towns.  Kill the two guard towers.
If knights come to fight you, possess them, and don't forget to also possess the
paladin's knights.    Then kill the paladin and the cannon tower and destroy the

Once 6 towns are obliterated Arthas will lose a level.
Kel'Thuzad's forces:
Obviously the strategy for this is ghouls and necromancers.    You'll want at
least 5 necromancers and the rest should be ghouls.  Skeletons are the true force
of this mission.  Make sure to leave a few behind to prevent the humans from
Head northwest and cripple the militia commander if you need to, and raise dead
repeatedly.  This base should fall pretty quickly.  If a paladin teleports in make
sure to cripple and kill him.
Cannibalize if you need to and then head southwest across the water and into  a
human town.   Autocast raise dead if you are having trouble, and unholy frenzy
your ghouls if you think that they can survive with it.   Make sure to cripple any
units you have difficulty with.   Kill the farms and then head up the path to the
northwest(make sure to rebuild units if you lost them).    Kill some militia and
water elementals and head into the 9th human town.    Kill everything here,
towers, human units and make sure to manually cast raise dead as constant mashing
of the R k will result in getting skelletons faster (autocasting is slower),
Frost nova everything and you should be fine.  After you destroy all of the farms,
the first Main Quest will be complete.
   Now take all of your units from all three forces, autocast raise dead and head
into the main human base.   This should be destroyed very easily but if you want
to just focus on the altars.  It should be absolute mayhem in the middle of their
base, but it shouldn't be even remotely difficult.

Once all three altars are destroyed, the mission is complete.
Interlude: A Kingdom Divided
The next evening, somewhere in the Tirisfal Glades, the banshee Sylvanas arrives
at a secret meeting.