Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Walkthrough & Game Guide

Mission 6: Lord of Outland
Later that day at the base of Magtheridon's Black Citadel, Illidan Marshals his
forces for their final strike.
Yea, and you thought three heroes were enough *rolls eyes*
Okay The most important part of this mission in my opinion are the draenei. KEEP
THEM ALIVE!! You can do a lot with them to facilitate your mission.
Optional Quest : Disable defenses
-Destroy the Power generators
this optional quest should be required, but it isn't.  Do it anyway.  (You'll lose
a LOT of forces if you don't do it and its very easy because you know where they
all are and because the draenei are invisible.  I'll tell you when you come upon
Start off by putting your Draenei in their own control group.  The first part of
the mission you will be using them exclusively.   Start off by killing the fel
beasts and fel guard with your draenie.  Take what they drop and then head right
to pick up yet another gold coin, and then to the left for another.  Head up the
left side to the north.  Break open the first gate.   Kill all the fel guards in
the area, and if I were you, avoid the large abomination (butcher).  You can take
it out later if you want.    Break open all the cages for some more Draenei.
Don't forget to take the gold coins at the bottom of the room.  Head back into the
hallway outside.  Head north with your draenei, past the infernal juggernauts.
Passed the first orc (green) base, and attack the first pink power generator.
Optional Quest: Siege bastion:
-Slay the demolisher guards.
This is a very good quest to complete.  Siege will help a TON in this mission.
Head back into the green orc base and go the west and break open the gate  Kill
all of the guards in here (summon spirit wolves if need be).  Take the two gold
Once you have the demolishers bring up your forces from your base.   You should
have around 99/100 food because of the Draenei you picked up and the catapults.
Attack the green orc base.   This should be very easy, just bring in your Draenei
and cast their spells.   Use Flamestrike and metamorphosis .  Use the demolishers
to take out the towers and then make quick work of their base.  Make sure to use
the Draenie saboteur's healing wave.

If you lose anything you can rebuild it while you take your draenie on another
little journey (polymorph is very useful in this mission, so sorceresses are nice.
.  Have them go to the north again.   Go to the dark green base, but before you
enter go west and take the two gold coins.  Then enter the green base and head
east to the second power generator.    Summon spirit wolves with Akama to tank the
damage and then take care of the rest of the guards with focused fire and your
other spells.  Then destroy that generator.

Bring your draenie back to your units, and if you haven't already kill the Fel
guard and fel beasts to the north of the orc base you just sacked.  You can go the
east  and kill the doom guards and infernals if you wish you're going to have to
eventually.   Then head north, and head for the dark green fel orc base.   Focus
fire on the blademaster, and watch out for blade storm.   Aim your flamestrike so
you don't end up killing your own units.   Metamorphosis and then use your
catapults to take out the towers.   Once you've done that break open the gate to
the north and kills the MASTER OF PAIN.  If you did what I told you to, you can
polymorph half of the people guarding  the master of pain.  Watch out because he
will resurrect himself.  Siphon him to prevent his magic attacks somewhat.   When
he is gone break open the cage of agony and add two bloodfiends to your group.
Send your units over to the healing well  where you might have fought the
infernals already and have someone step on the glowing ground to the east and take
the gold coin.
 Now it's time to focus on the naga and Lady Vashj.  Start building some more naga
(you might want to build some sirens for cyclone and turtle dragons to take care
of towers.  I built a few sirens, myrmidons, and snap dragons and I was fine.  You
should have plenty of money because of all of those gold coins you picked up, and
you shouldn't have lost that many units.

Go forward with your naga and take out the frigates and juggernaut.  You can go
west of the naga base and kill some hydra/doombeasts and get some gold coins.
Head north and then west and kill some more juggernauts to get some more gold
coins an a robe of the magi+6.  When you are ready to fight the fel orc base with
the naga, head to the north east.

There is a single tower near the shore, guarding a fountain of health take it out
with your turtle dragons and kill the fel orcs.  Heal if you need to.  Shoot one
of the barrels and to get a rune of mana
   Now if you head into the base a little the blademaster may come out and chase
you, and there is a chance you can get him trapped  in his own mirror images if
you run back in the water and try sniping him.  If this doesn't appeal to you just
use your naga royal guards' frost bolt and crushing wave and you should make short
work of most of the units in the base.  Don't forget to cyclone some units to make
the fight easier.   Make sure to summon water elementals.  Make sure to focus your
turtles on the towers.  This should be fairly easy.

After the base is done you can go to the left and fight some juggernauts and then
go up a hill and fight some bloodfiends to get to a fountain of mana.  Then you
can swim up and get a tome for your naga sea witch.  Or you can just blow up the
barrel of explosives at the north of the base you just sacked and then head north.
Take the gold coins and then head north and kill an infernal.   Then head further
north, take two more gold coins and then head to the east and take another and
head into the water for yet another gold coin.  Step on the glowing ground to the
west and then bring your forces over and kill the void walkers.

It's time to switch back to the draenei.  If you followed my advice and made sure
to keep them alive you should be fine.  Have them  go into the purple orc base to
the north and then head east.  Have them kill the fel guards, vile temptress, and
maiden of pain and then break the generator.

Have your forces meet up outside of the purple orc base.  Then take care of the
two warlocks guarding the base.   Then head in.  Metamorphosis and make sure to
FROST BOLT the blademaster, doing it twice will stun him for a  few seconds
allowing you to focus fire on him.  Focus your siege weapons (turtle dragons and
demolishers) on buildings (towers especially). This should be pretty easy.   When
this base is done, head north.  Make sure to frost bolt EVERYTHING and summon sea
elementals.   Fork, meta and banish should work very well.   They should rope very
easily if you have followed what I said to do.   Break open the cage of
disciplines and get two warlocks, who have three very useful spells (unholy
frenzy, cripple, and firebolt) , and don't forget to pick up the gold coins.
Head back to the healing well in the center of the map.  and heal up.

If you need to rebuild, rebuild now, while you are healing.   I like to bring some
extra priests and myrmidons as heal and innerfire will aid in the last battle
against magtheridon.   Have your remaining Draenei go north towards the final
power generator.  Kill it to complete the optional quest.

 Build up your forces well,  and head north and take the rune of shielding.
Inside of the first room will be a bunch off doom guards, fel guards and great
voidwalkers.  They shouldn't be too hard if you've finished the optional quest,
because you wont have to fight off any infernals.  On the right and left side of
the room there are gold coins to collect.  Build up more forces if you feel you
need them.  In the next section there is an overlord, a blademaster (level  4 (no
bladestorm!woohoo!) a blood fiend, a few lesser voidwalkers and an eredar
diabolist .  meta, fork, firebolt, and frost bolt, and this should be extremely
easy.  They drop a rune of resurrection that helps a lot if you've left anything
in that last battle.

Next is Magtheridon, warlocks and a level 10 blade master.   This is pretty hard
so be on your toes.    I had around 83 food of myrmidons, my heroes, Dranei, 3 of
each caster (including sirens), and I was fine.  Just use your spells!  Focus on
everything but magtheridon.  He eventually it will be him versus ALL of your
forces.   If you've kept your naga royal guards alive this is very easy as frost
bolt, sea elemental and crushing wave do wonders of damage in this mission. I
would not use flamestrike if I were you. It is far too risky.   Level 3 shadow
strike is also very good on him.  He has a ton of heath but he should go down
pretty easily if you keep him stunned or slowed.  When he is dead, the mission is
Finale: Kil'Jaeden's command
Moments later, as Illidan stands triumphant, a massive storm of fire and fury
envelops the Black Citadel.