Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Walkthrough & Game Guide

Mission 4: The Search for Illidan
After three days of fruitless searching, Prince Kael'thas and Lady Vashj realize
they are lost in the barren wilderness of hellfire Peninsula.

First we have tower defense.  Now we have Aeon of Strife.  How nice.
If you finished the tower defense you'll get to use the PANDERAN BREWMASTER in

Okay, this is going to  be very short and concise, because I can't really give you
the play by play.  But if you have ever played an aeon of strife, or defense of
the ancients, the way the game works is that there are regulated computer units
from both sides that come and attack and you can't control them.  You try to
either destroy the other teams base or in this case capture something.

 In this mission you need to either kill or lure Maiev (the warden) away from
Illidan's cage.  Of course, this is easier with a third hero (panda) as you have a
tri-hero nuke with flamestrike, forked lightning, and now breath of fire.  Use
these all at once and the warden is gone.  Especially so if you have banish.  Be
careful though.  It seems as if when you control Illidan's cage you don't produce
any units.  Try to take over the cage at the beginning, kill Maiev and then bring
it back, then let Maiev take it back when she resurrects. Then when your forces
bolster again take it back from her and you should be closer to your base and
there is no way Maiev could ever resurrect nor could the night elves bolster your
forces again, before illidan makes it to the circle of power.

You can also just use your spells to easily kill the enemy units and then
overwhelm Maiev.

Make sure to buy mana potions if you die.  Give them to your heroes. Infinite
amounts of flamestrike will win this mission very quickly.   I like this mission,
especially with three heroes, mostly because you are basically just walloping them
the entire time. With three heroes this mission is infinitely easier (I've done it
in 7 minutes, and I bet some people have done it even quicker), so I suggest doing
that extra mission.  However, if you didn't do it this still isn't that hard.
Just use mana potions and use your spells.  End rant.

When you've brought Illidan back to your base and into the circle of power you'll
complete the mission.  That was fun.

Interlude: Illidan's Task
Hours later, at Illidan's base camp, Prince Kael'thas finally approaches the
former demon hunter and asks for his aid.