Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Walkthrough & Game Guide

Mission 3: The Dungeons of Dalaran
Two days later, within the magically shielded dungeons of Dalaran, Kael'thas and
his blood elf brethren languish in their cells, awaiting their inevitable

Take Vashj and Kael to the cell to the left and get your first lieutenant by
breaking open the magic pen wall.  Break the gate to the south of that to get  two
spell breakers and a priest.  If you head west you can take out a bunch of spiders
to get a  Medallion of Courage.  Break open the dungeon gates and free two more
blood elves for a spell breaker and priest.    Head back to the starting point and
then go south, banish the footman trying to break the lever and kill him and the
other footman.  Then break open the gate and go through it.

After a cut scene you'll learn about your optional quest

Optional Quest: Ghosts of Dalaran
-Slay the 4 ghostly archmagi
(I'll tell you when you can get them)
Take the tome of power, and if you're going for the optional quest have on unit
stand on one green rune and another on the other (they are within sight.)  you'll
hear a sound when you are standing on it.  Go through the gate that opens and kill
the Archmagi (siphon him if you want)  He should die really fast.  Take the gem

Keep going south and witness a battle between the undead and a garithos' forces.
Flamestrike and fork them all.  They should die pretty quickly.  Release your
lieutenant nearby as well as the blood elf sitting on top of the pink rune.

If you are going for the optional quest, step on the pick rune where that female
blood elf was and have a unit head to the east to find another pink rune (its
south of the bridge and you have to destroy a crate).  The ghost archmage will
appear right next to the first pink rune.  Kill him. Take the fragment.

Proceed across the bridge to the east. Snipe the lever with an archer if you have
one .  The monsters and the footman will fight.   Wait  a little while and then
break the gate and crash the fight flamestrike and forked lightning everything.

In the middle of the room and then to the north under a war golem is the other one
(they are immune to magic so don't waste mana.    Take the tome and head north.
Do another banish on the footman and kill the rifleman and the footman.  You can
get  another tome by putting someone on the yellow rune south of the gate, and
then having vashj swim to the west and then south and stand on the other yellow
rune.  Take it and then crash through the gate to the north.  Head north, and kill
the footmen, knights and mortar team.
 If you are going for the optional quest there is a purple rune here, (also a red
rune but that comes in place later.   Head west and banish another footman, kill
him and go south with Vashj into the water, and have her stand on the other purple
rune.   You'll be zoomed in on yet another archmage.  Kill him and take the

Break through the gate to the east.   Keep going east and kill the footmen.  Head
south and break open  another gate.  Flamestrike and fork the footmen and knights.
Free the third lieutenant to the left.  Free the blood elves next to his cell to
get another archer and priest.   Continue south and flamestrike another human vs.
undead fight.

If you are going for the optional quest  Go to the right and into the hole in the
side of the wall.  It leads up to where the other red rune was.  Have one of your
units step on it and the other step on the red rune to the right of it.  The iron
gate will open.  Slay the final archmage to complete the optional quest.

Keep going south

Head south and break open the gate heading west.
There are three sheep
The top is BA
Middle EWE
Bottom RAM

If you played Warcraft 2 you'll know how to solve this.  Step on BAA then RAM then
EWE.  The iron gate will open!.  Head north. Click the secret level power up! You
have received the secret level!

Back to the level.
Head east and break the wall there.   There will be a big fight with some knights,
footmen and riflemen. Use your AOE spells ( fork and flamestrike).  Take the rune
of restoration (hidden behind those mushroom trees).  Continue west and fight with
some flesh golems (ahh!), Just focus fire and use your spells and they should go
down quickly.   The bigger one drops a rune of healing so it's a nice reward.
Head north and kill the footmen.  Then head west and then south and kill the
humans.  Finally let loose the final lieutenant.   The last main quest will be
revealed (kill kassan and his guards).   Head trough the arch to the northwest.
Head north.

After the cutscene  with kassan continue north and deal with the knights and
riflemen.  Break open the dungeon gate once you are done with the first group and
get two spellbreakers.   Then head east and kill the footmen knights and mortar
teams.   Break open two more dungeon gates for more spell breakers and a priest
and a sorceress.  Head east and fight Kassan and his final guards.   Make sure you
flamestrike and fork and this should be fine.  Kassan is immune to magic so the
only way to kill him is with focus fire and micro management.   (Shouldn't be to
hard, just take him out last)  Once they are all dead your mission will be

Secret Level: The Crossing
Moments later, as the allied blood elves and naga spill into the back alleys of

Ha I found this mission wicked funny.   But whatever.  BLIZZARD TOWER DEFENSE (and
the next level is like Aeon of Strife so blizzard really has been look at custom
Alright I am not very good at tower defenses but I can do this mission so let's
If you win this mission you'll get to play with the Panderan brewmaster in the
next level!

First off you can only build on grass so there is no trapping or anything.  Try to
build in places that can hit from multiple rows.  I built mostly energy towers.
More workers=GOOD.   Don't be afraid to use your heroes!! COLD ARROWS ARE A MUST!!	

This really isn't that hard, just start building more near the middle of the map
instead of the end.  When you get cold towers put them in front of your towers,
and put death towers right behind them.  Right when you get death towers, make
nothing but them.

I usually start off with just energy, then go to flame, then cold and death.  This
is not a hard tower defense. If you are losing fast, try building more workers
and upgrading all of your towers (basically, build and then upgrade right away)

Eventually your heroes will become obsolete and just there to pick up gold coins
that drop.  Perhaps in a later patch of this FAQ I will add in detail to all 30 of
these stages.  Maybe not.

If you get through all 30 waves your mission will be completed and you'll get the
panda, and a nice picture and a "I BRING PANDAMONIUM".  Wow blizzard. WOW.

Alright  on with the mission!

Interlude: The Dusts of Outland
After hours of marching, kael'thas and Lady Vashj Stand on a high plateau
overlooking the red, barren landscape of Outland.