Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Walkthrough & Game Guide

Human Missions
Point distribution for Kael:
You can really do whatever you want as long as you can flamestrike to level 3
right away.  I like siphon more than banish so I go (flamestrike and banish are
already at level 1, because you start at level 2)
You can substitute siphon for banish if you want but siphon seems to have a better
effect in the campaign.
Point distribution for Lady Vashj:
(cold arrows and forked are already picked)
Forked Lightning/cold arrows/forked lightning/tornado/cold arrows/mana shield/mana
shield/mana shield.
Mission 1: Misconceptions
At Grand Marshal Garithos' base camp, near the outskirts of Dalaran, Kael'thas and
his warriors arrive bearing ill news.

Okay, this mission isn't the most exciting one, but here we go.  Start off by
heading to the left going towards the observatory.  Head south and take out the
Dalaran mutants.  Then head to the right and take out the Fel Guards.  Continue
south and fight the group of fel stalkers and fel beasts.  Go west and you'll
learn about the optional quest
Hidden Caches:
-Find the 4 Hidden Caches
You can find the first two pretty easily as they are on the first island that you
start off on and they show you the location of all 4 of them.  I'll note how to
get to the other two, when you come near them.
keep going west, and kill the group of wizards.   Head north and kill the wizards
and break open the gate to get the first cache (if you are doing the optional
quest).   This holds a tiny castle, some gold, a rune and a bundle of lumber.

When the first observatory is done the middle island will be revealed.  Bring your
peasant from that observatory with you.

Head south from your current position stopping to kill the bandits if you wish.
Eventually you'll meet up with a bunch of fel guards, an overlord, and a blood
fiend.  They will be hard to fight but just aim flamestrike correctly and they
should drop pretty fast.   Take care of them and take the rune of lesser
resurrection.   You can go north from here to take out a couple more fel guards.
Head south and kill some wizards, go even further south and fight some brigands
and an enforcer.  Then head west (and then south and kill some apprentice wizards,
and flamestirike the trees to get a supply cache of a tiny altar, tiny barracks,
and gold coins).  Then go west even more so until you enter a cutscene with some

Hop into the boats, and then go to the island in the middle. Drop your tiny castle
next to the goldmine and then all of your other "tiny" items near it.   Have your
peasant build a farm and queue up some more peasants.   You should have 5 on gold
and around 4-6 on  lumber.  Build some more farms and a lumber mill and blacksmith
while you upgrade your town hall (try to get it to castle).  Also put some
peasants on the 2nd observatory to repair it.  Make sure to build some towers, use
your farms to protect them
T=Guard Tower
Arrange your towers like this
XX               XX
XT                TX
Make some footmen, and some riflemen, and clear the area around the observatory of

Build up your forces, and if you want to do the optional quest you can get the
supply cache in the bottom left corner.   Hop into the boats with your units (make
sure you are towered at your base so you don't have to rush back.   Head to the
southwest, and drop off on the island in that direction.   Kill the ogre warriors
and keep heading west. And kill the ogre warriors and magi. Continue west and take
out two more ogre warriors.   Then head south.  Fight the ogres and you'll get a
rune of rebirth (ogre warchief! Nice!.!) and get the 3rd supply cache.

While you were doing this you probably should be able to tech to knights and
riflemen and the 2nd observatory should finish.   .  Knights will be nice because
of their high health, and riflemen are good because of their damage type.  You'll
have to fight a tough enemy at the third observatory so you'll want to be armed
well, but if you have the ogre warchief, it shouldn't be bad at all.  Head to the
northern island.  Take out the gnolls  and take the rune.  Head west for even more
gnolls.  Take them out and head northwest.  Yep a level 11 gnoll.   He has a lot
of health but aim your flame strike and mana siphon if you put a point into it and
focus your attacks on him and he should drop (it will be difficult). You probably
picked up a scroll of healing so use that as well.  Take some peasants and repair

If you are going for the optional quest head south  and kill two more gnoll camps.
Flame strike the trees to the west. They lead up to some golems.  Kill them and go
in the circle  to complete the optional quest (you get healing wards, a  scroll of
healing and ring of protecition+1)

Once the three observatories have been repaired your mission will be complete.