Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Walkthrough & Game Guide

Mission 8: The Brothers Stormrage
Hours later, along the banks of the River Arevass, Malfurion and Illidan work
together to pick up Tyrande's trail,.  Moving quickly through the woods, their
skills and senses start working in unison-their twin wills bent on finding their
beloved priestess before it's too late.

This is your first mission controlling the naga.  So get to know their units.
Myrmidons are heavy melee units that have a lot of health and do a significant
amount of damage.  Snap dragons are ranged units that do piercing damage, and
dragon turtles are the naga's siege weapons.

You'll have to take care of two bases in this mission, which requires a lot of
micro management.   Make sure to build a bunch of ancient protectors at Furion's
base, along with some archers and huntresses.   You should probably make a control
group for the group of units at furion's base.

At the naga base, you'll most likely want to build another spawning grounds.
While it's building build a few myrmidons and then take your group of naga south
east.   Fight the large group of gnolls here and then head back on the river west
than south.  You'll learn about an optional quest.

Optional Quest: Dam trolls
-slay the trolls and their chieftain.
Head south and then to the east. You'll fight two shadowglen berserkers.  Then
continue east.   You'll meet up with some more trolls and a turtle.  Slay them
all.  Continue east some more and fight with some more trolls and two more
turtles. Head south and slay the chieftain and three dark healers.

This will break the rock barriers blocking you from getting to the red undead
Take the mask of death (a very nice item for illidan)
There are a bunch of green undead bases (3 to be exact).  I ignore the very top
and very bottom ones, as they really have no use although the bottom green base is
an entrance to the red undead base that you have to destroy for this mission.
The top green base is easier to kill in my opinion (I don't like having to fight
the casters, as the naga have no way to dispel because there are no Coautls yet).

Keep building up your force, you'll probably want around 8-10 myrmidons, 10 snap
dragons, and 3-4 dragon turtles.  Take out the top green base first.  Go south a
bit from your base and then go east.  Make sure you do not go north or you'll go
into the wrong undead base.  You can go into it and fight, but there really isn't
any reason to.  Don't forget about Furion's base!! (definitely build dryads and
research abolish magic).   Make sure you are paying attention or it will get wiped
out.     Also be careful, as some gargoyles may come from the northwestern side of
your base and start attacking.  Build some tidal guardians there.   You might want
to bring some healing scrolls with you just in case things get rough.

Once you enter the green base just north of the red undead base, be sure to
cyclone the abominations with your sirens (you should have at least two from the
beginning of the mission).  Focus your snap dragons on the black sphinxes errr
destroyers and gargoyles (ensnare them with myrmidons if necessary), while
focusing your turtle dragons on the spirit towers.  Head up the hill, further into
the green base and take out all of the buildings.  You shouldn't lose too much.
Healing with scrolls if you need to then send on of your turtle dragons to hit one
building and then scurry right out.  Let them come to you focus your snap dragons
on the frost wyrms and gargoyles and ensnare them if you need to.   Focus fire on
the dreadlord and cyclone the abominations.   Once you've destroyed all the red
buildings you'll complete the mission.
Finale: A parting of Ways
Moments late, at the night elve's base camp, Illidan prepares for his departure.
Congrats you've completed the Night Elf Campaign.