Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Walkthrough & Game Guide

Mission 7: The Ruins of Dalaran
Later that evening, at the night elves' base camp, Malfurion returns to warn Maiev
and Tyrande of his brother's dangerous sorcery.

This mission is timed, so you have to watch what you are doing.   I'd try to get
chimeras fast.  Upgrade your druids of the claw to adept and build some dryads if
you feel so inclined.  Immediately tech your tree of ages to tree of eternity.
While it is upgrading build up some hyppogryphs and druids of the talon for anti
air and protection for your chimeras.

As to not waste time, take the units at your base near the purple base where
illidan is stationed.  Kael will inform you of your optional quest. I highly
suggest completing this quest, as it makes this mission a lot more easier and is
not that difficult

Optional Quest: Save the Paladin
-Free the Paladin

Bring your units to the northeast part of the map.  You will fight a few naga
(snap dragons and sirens to be exact).   Break open the dungeon gate to the north
of these naga and fight
Some kobolds if you want some experience and a nice item.   Then head slightly to
the west and then to the north.  You can kill the kobolds to the west or ignore
them and continue even farther north and kill some sirens snap dragons and
myrmidons.  After these naga are dead break open the dungeon gate and free the

Now head back to your base and heal if you need to.  Build up your force, and make
sure to get all the upgrades you can (druid of the claw and talon master training
will help A LOT in the mission, as will the mountain giant upgrades).   You can
basically do anything that you want for this, but I highly suggest getting
chimeras as they will not only do tons of MAGIC damage to the summoners, but they
can do tons of damage to ground units and buildings with the corrosive breath
upgrade (MAKE SURE TO GET IT!!).  With the paladin there, he can heal any focus
fire on the chimeras with holy light.

Now I suggest hot keying all of your production buildings while you head to
Illidan's base.  While you are fighting make sure to be building units and
rallying them to your heroes so you can have reinforcements.

When you are ready (I had around 63 food when I first started going over there,
you can probably have less, but you have tons of money in this mission so keep
building as you go, and don't forget more moonwells) head north.  You'll fight
omen naga next to a fountain of restoration.  Use that if you need it and then
head north and fight off a small naga out post outside of their base.  Now head
west into the first part of their base.   Tranquility as soon as you get in and
try to lure units to you near Furion so you stay within the area of effect of
tranquility.  A force of chimeras, the druids, and the other units that were at
your base should SLAUGHTER their base with relative ease.  Corrosive breath will
own buildings (tidal guardians should be your prime targets).  Make sure the
chimeras are in a control group with the paladin so you can holy light them more
Use resurrection if needed, and make sure to bring reinforcements.  Destroy their
base, if you feel so inclined and then take out the summoners using chimeras,
shadow strike, fan of knives, entangled roots, druid of the talon or any other
thing that does magic damage.  They should die pretty easily if you've gotten rid
of the tidal guardians.  You will want to have a fairly large force inside of
their base, especially if your micromanagement is not that good. You'll probably
want to be in high upkeep with pretty well upgraded units and this mission should
be pretty simple.

Once all four of the summoners are dead, you will complete the mission.