Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Walkthrough & Game Guide

Mission 6: Shards of the Alliance
Three days later, on the western coast of Lordaeron, the night elves venture
cautiously into the shifting shadows of Silverpine Forest.

After the cutscene you'll meet up with Kael and his caravan.
There are two important things to remember for this mission, first of all, neither
Kael, Maiev nor Tyrande can die in this mission if you wish to complete it.   In
addition to that, two supply wagons must survive.

Start off by heading south and the caravan will follow you.   You'll approach some
ghouls.  Watch out for Kael's flamestrike.  It hurts you as well.  Ghouls do
minimal damage to mountain giants because of hardened skin, so have them taunt.

Continue south and take out the group of necromancers here.   As you continue
along the path you will approach a couple meat wagons, an abomination, a couple
necromancers and a few ghouls.  You should be able to take them out very easily.
Watch out for the caravan as it may get attacked from behind.    Eventually you'll
come across a mercenary camp and learn about an optional quest.
Optional Quest: Retrieve Supplies
-Recover the gold caches
(I'll tell you where they are as you come upon them)
If you continue west you'll find the first gold stash inn an undead base.  Simply
walk in, kill the dreadlord (if you want to) starfall and fight your way through.
Have your druids of the claw rejuvenate and bear form as needed.  Make sure to
roar before you get into battle.  Hop in  the red circle and you'll get the first
gold stash and a rune of greater healing.   Hire some mercenaries if you wish, at
the first mercenary camp you can get a berserker, ogre mauler and a troll high
priest.  I suggest getting two troll  high priests, as they can abolish magic,
making skeletons summoned by necromancers useless.

Continue with your group along the path to the south.   Eventually you'll meet up
with some necromancers and ghouls with a meat wagon.  Make sure you taunt and you
should be fine.  Now continue along the path to the east.   You'll stop  in the
middle of a village to repair the caravan.  When the caravan is repaired head
east. If you get off the path and just continue east, you will be inside yet
another undead base across a path from a mercenary camp (you can hire assassins,
kobold geomancers and kobold taskmasters).

 If you want to do the optional quest head into the undead base to the east and
starfall while having your mountain giants  taunt and it will go down quickly.
Have your mountain giants grab a tree to take out the spirit tower fairly quickly.
You probably don't even have to starfall.  Then head into the red  circle of power
to get a rune of lesser healing and another gold cache.

Continue north  and fight off some crypt fiends. Follow the path up north even
more and then go around the curve and you'll fight a dreadlord some ghouls and
crypt fiends.  Your force should wipe them out very quickly.  Continue down the
path to the southwest   and follow it until you reach a cross road.   You'll see a
cutscene and be approached  with a choice of either the longer path (left) or
through the undead bastion (right). The right path is the only path that you can
go to complete the optional quest.
You'll rest for a little bit and repair the caravan.

If you chose right:
Head right  and then south along the path.

If you want to complete the optional quest go directly south and go off the path
you'll fight some banshees and necromancers.   Kill them and then go around the
house.   Then get into the red circle and take the rune and the last gold cache to
complete the optional quest

Continue to the east following the path and find a mercenary camp(you can hire
troll trappers, renegade wizards and elder sasquatchs).  If you continue along the
path you'll head right into an undead base.   Kill the dreadlord and starfall.
Then use your mountain giants and grab trees and focus your attacks on the black
citadel and spirit towers.

Once you're done with the base head north along the path.  There isn't much more
other than a couple of ghouls and a banshee along the path, so just keep going up
it to the bridge and you'll get a cut scene.  You'll have to fight off one more
wave of undead (just take out the ones near tyrande then head over to the caravan
and starfall if necessary.

Once they are all dead you will get a cutscene and complete the mission.

If you chose the left path:
Sorry, you can't finish the optional quest unless you go to the right and quickly
take the gold cache while they are repairing the caravan.

Head north along the path to the left.
Take out the ghouls, abomination and necromancer along the path and then just keep
following the path to a gold mine guarded by a spirit tower, ghouls and a crypt
fiend.  Just grab tree to do away with the tower and the outpost should go down
very quickly.

Now head south east along the path.  You can head north at one point towards a
goblin merchant that is just guarded by rogues and brigands.  Then get back on the
path and just keep going south east until the path joins up with the one from the
undead bastion and then head north towards the river

After a cutscene you'll have to fight off one more wave of undead (just take out
the ones near tyrande then head over to the caravan and starfall if necessary.
They should drop pretty easily.  Once they are dead you will get a cutscene and
complete the mission.


Interlude: malfurion's vision
At that moment, deep within Silverpine Forest, Malfurion attempts to commune with
the spirits of the wild.