Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Walkthrough & Game Guide

Mission 5: Balancing the Scales
The next day, on the shores of the Broken Isles, Maiev and her Watchers attempt to
hold the line against Illidan's final assault.

This is a fun one..oooh yes.  I highly suggest doing the optional quest, as you'll
get to use mountain giants.  Alright
Start off the mission by heading north with Furion and Tyrande's forces, and then
going east after killing some naga.  If you ever have any trouble in this mission
use tranquility or starfall.  Tranquility has a low cooldown and the mana cost is
never a problem for Furion  Fight off some myrmidons and take the gold coin.  Head
up the stairs and then east and take 3 more gold coins and pick up some a scroll
of mana and healing.  Now head west and take yet another gold coin.  Head north
kill a myrmidon and a siren.   You'll then hear about your optional quest.
Optional Quest: Night Elf fleet
-reach the first ship
-reach the second ship
-reach the third ship
You know the locations of all three of the ships so I really have no work to do,
but tell you what is at each ship treasure wise and enemy wise.
The first ship has a few skeletal orcs guarding it and gives you two huntresses
and an archer.
The second ship has mountain giants and is guarded by three sea elementals.
The third ship is guarded by a bunch of mur'guls and you'll get two bears and a
 Now keep heading north and you'll fight  some sea behemoths.  Starfall or
tranquility will make them a very easy fight.   Then head south kill the myrmidon
and take a gold coin to the east. Now head south some more and take care of two
war golems and then right when you step in to the purple base starfall and
tranquility and they should all go down without much of a fight.  You can bring
Maiev with you if you want her to gain some experience.  You can go back to
Maiev's base if you want or go pick up the rest of the ships (even though you can
get them after the first main quest is completed.
Once you get tyrande and furion back to the base a cut scene will occur.

After the cut scene uproot your tree of ages and drop it near the gold mine you
just cleared when you destroyed the naga base near Maiev's.

You can go with any strategy that you want for the rest of this mission.  I
suggest either huntresses and archers or druids of the claw and dryads. A mix of
the two might work, but they have mixed upgrades, so I usually don't go for it.

You can also attack right away if you want, starfall and tranquility work wonders
and you won't lose very much with those.  If you do lose some vengeance will come
in handy.   Jut go into the naga base from the south east side hop in a bit and
then starfall and tranquility, fan of knives and vengeance and you should be fine
as lone as you keep your eyes on everything.  If you took the optional quest you
should be fine as mountain giants+taunt+tranquility=very hard to kill.  Don't be
afraid to even taunt the towers, they are affected by it to.   Make your mountain
giants grab tree and you'll finish off the base even faster.  Then head north and
repeat the same starfall+tranquility combo and this will end really fast  Make
sure to entangle or focus fire on illidan immediately because he will do the most
damage out of anything in this mission.   Kill all unit producing buildings and
you will accomplish your mission and be rewarded with a cutscene.