Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Walkthrough & Game Guide

Mission 4:  Wrath of the Betrayer
Hours Later, suffering from grievous wound and exhaustion, Maiev stumbles back to
the relative safety of her base camp.

After the cutscene explaining to the huntress what just happened.  You'll learn
that you have to send a runner for reinforcements.

Start off by taking some of your wisps and making them ancient protectors at the
entrances to your base (south, south west, west).  Also pay attention to your base
when you are being attacked.  Always replace those that die with fresh units.
Your base shouldn't be that much of a problem just watch out sometimes.

Now it's time to protect the runner.  Start off by obviously going south, kill the
myrmidon and the mur'gul slave and you'll receive the optional quest for this

Naga Excavators
-Kill the Naga Excavators
 (I'll tell you where they are as you come upon them)
Take the item if you want and continue west.   Kill the mur'guls with fan of
knives and focus fire.  If you want to get another excavator for the quest go
south and kill some sirens and then west to kill a myrmidon and some snap dragons
and two mur'guls Then kill the mur'gul slave and take the item if you want. Take
the gold coins and head back.

Keep going west and you'll find two more huntresses for your group.  Now head
north.  To the east there will be another myrmidon and a mur'gul slave, for the
excavators optional quest.  Kill them to get an item. Now head northwest and kill
the murgul's here. Keep west and then head south and kill the large group of
mur'guls.  Eventually head south and you'll find some boats and some hippogryphs
in addition to two glaive throwers.

Now you must escape to sea.  Pack up everything in the transports and bring the
hippogryphs with you (focus them on coautls) Head south.  Focus your hippogryphs
on the couatls and then continue south.   When you get to solid ground take out
your units and then head up the hill kill the myrmidon and the Mur'gul slave to
get another item and complete the optional quest.  Pick up the gold and head out
and slaughter the naga sirens dragon and dragon turtles.   You can go left and
kill some mur'guls to get some gold if you want.  Don't forget to destroy the gate
to the east of those mur'guls, if you don't you wont be able to escape.  Now it's
time to pick off some tidal guardians.  Knock off the one right next to the bottom
gate with your glaive thrower and then head slightly to the west of where you
picked up the last excavator and up to the north.   Destroyer the one on op of a
wall as you head up north.  Keep going north and take care of the two tidal
guardians near another gate. While you're waiting for those to be destroyed you
can go destroy the gate near it along with the couatl.  Take out the myrmidon and
then the tidal guardian next to it.
Then head back making sure all of the gates are destroyed.  Put the runner and
other units if you want into the transport and click to your destination at the
northwest end of the map.  You should have a smooth ride through.

Interlude: Unfinished business
Late that evening in the secluded Moonglade, malfurion stormrage, and tyrande
whisspewhind discus the aftermath of the Legion's Invasion