Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Walkthrough & Game Guide

Mission 3: The tomb of Sargeras
Moments later, just inside the entrance of the shadowed tomb, Miaev and her
watchers brace themselves for an ambush.

Okay, start off by breaking the gate to the north Kill the skeletons. Break open
the crates here and take the rune. Then head left killing the skeletal orcs and
heading north, killing the skeletons and the necrolyte.  Take the rune and the
mana potion and then head back to where you started.

Back at the starting point, head east.  Blink across to use the rune and get the
tome.  Continue south and kill the overlords. Be careful they are pretty powerful.

Break open the gate next to the overlord that was too the left, and head through
it. Head back to the gate with the overlord.  Break it open go south, killing the
skeletal orcs.  Kill the pitlord to gain some major experience.  You can also
blink to that platform in the middle to get another shadow orb fragment and a rune
of mana. This is one of the 10 shadow orbs.  You have to scour the map to get all
10 of these, blinking everywhere is a necessity.   Here’s a complete list of all of their locations.
Thanks to “Yngwie Malmsteen” for these.

1) Bottom left of map, to the left of the level 7 pitlord. you get there by
blinking to the ledge directlyto the left of the Rolling Stone. Walk left,
thenblink up to the other ledge (to the left of pit lord)

2) Southwest of rolling stone... no brainer

3) Exactly in the south center of the map. Use blinkon the small section left
of the rock barrier where the druid of the claws are.

4) Four or five screens north of where the above rock barrier is. In the area
before the 2nd guldan cutscene. Little hallway with waterfalls to the left
and right. There's a Necrolye and 2 skeletal orcs. blink to the ledge on the
left (directly above the waterfalls on your left).

5) On a rocky ledge about 1.5 screens left of Naga Statue (Elf with tail
statue). Very close to the level 7 Elder Hydra. Or half screen right of Rock
Barrier where you get dryads.

6) In the absolute top left corner of map. About a half screen south from
there. You blink to the ledge from the northeast ledge (which can be accessed
by foot). It's in one of the crates or barrels

7) about one screen to the left of the broken bridge (that's repaired by
stepping on the floor switch). There's a palm tree by the northern wall. Use
Sentinel on palm tree. Blink into revealed area. It's under the
8) Northeast little pool. Pretty obvious, directly north of rock barrier in
the east.

9) the Massive Gate that leads to the final Massive gate. Break it open.
Enter room. Blink south past obstacles to rune of mana... the orb is to the
east of the rune.

10) back to the same massive gate... enter room, blink to the ledge that's
outside of the room, just directly north of the massive gate from the outside.
walk north.. blink north to the ledge on the other side.

Now head back to the gate and south killing the fel stalkers as you continue east.
To the south of the steps at the east of this room there is a rune of mana, blink
to it to use it and then blink back.   Keep continuing east killing Fel Stalkers
and going up the steps. Here you'll find the first part of the first optional
quest to destroy the rock barriers.    There is one right here, and if you destroy
it you'll get two druids of the claw.   Head north and kill the necrolyte and the
skeletons and then step on the glowing platform.   This opens a stone door.

Go to where the ping was and head through the stone door.  Blink to kill the creep
and go west to get a piece of the shadow orb.  Go back to where you killed the
necrolyte and head north.  After the cut scene, Head north and kill the mur'guls,
and find another set to the northwest of them.   Keep going west and kill the
hydra follow the path and break this set of rock chunks, and you'll find a couple
dryads.   Now head slightly north and then east.  Fight some more hydras and heal
with rejuvenation if you need to.   After one of the firs groups of hydras you can
fight a Gargantuan Sea turtle that doles out a lot of experience and a healing

If you happen to hit level 5 make sure you put it into blink.  You'll thank me

Back to the mission...continue east...fight some more hydras and bear-form if you
need to. Head north at the break in the path and kill some turtles to get a rune
of healing.  Then head east to find out that you can't cross the river.  Blink
Maiev across and find a patch of glowing ground to the south east to make a bridge

On the other side there are some turtles, get rid of them and continue on your way
east.  As you head east you'll talk to Lady Vashj in a cutscene.   You'll then
fight a bunch of naga.  Fan of knives and rejuvenate if you need.  Head right and
break open some more rock chunks to complete that optional quest, and get some
druids of the talon.   Blink to the north and then to the left and take the rune
and break open one of the crates to get another shadow fragment.  Blink back.

Head south and break open the ruined gate.  Inside this room are a bunch of naga
sirens.   Watch out for their use of cyclone.    Take the rune and head west.  Now
kill the snap dragons and continue along the green path, using the rune of greater
mana if you need it.   Eventually you'll meet up with three myrmidons your bears
should be able to go toe to toe with them, cyclone them if you need to with your
druids of the talon.

Eventually you'll find some more info of gul'dan 's journey.  After the cut-scene
break open the gate to the east.

If you continue east a fight will occur with some naga, cyclone what you don't
want to fight, then kill everything else and wait for them to come down.   If you
go up the top row you can open some crates to get a rune of the wild for a
furlbog.   Once you are done here head east through the gate.
Your first main quest will be completed, and you'll see a cutscene with illidan.

Now the exciting part of the mission occurs: escaping from the tomb.   You have to
get to the entrance within 3 minutes and 30 seconds.  Blinking is very important
in this as it get you out of some very sticky situations.   If you got level 3
blink as I said to before, this will be a lot easier, as it costs only 10 mana and
has minimal cooldown (1 seconds)

Head left, and blink past the battle going on between the revenants and other
creeps.  Blinking will dodge the blizzard that is currently going on near that
battle.   Head north, blinking away if anyone has targeted you.  Head, right and
take the rune of speed and blink past yet another battle going on.  Keep heading
right, and then go north again.  Blink past the revenants coming right at you, and
head left.  Keep heading left and blink past some of Illidan's naga.  Head
northwest, and take the rune of healing and blink away again to the northwest.
Now avoid the turtles and blink by if you need them, and continue heading west.
Blink across the river where the bridge was and keep going to the west.  You'll
eventually run into some hydra, either blink away or straight up avoid them, and
head south and then east.  Take yet another rune and head east, blink across yet
another battle, take a rune of greater healing and blink away if they are
targeting you.    All the way to the east you'll hit a dead end, go south.   There
is a bunch of hydra here.   If you go left, you can go into a pool with another
hydra, get a gauntlet of ogre strength and then blink back and go back into the
room and head south.  I don't think it's worth it, but go for it if you want to.
Take the rune of mana and then blink across the rocks and to the west.

 Head down the stairs to the east take the rune of shielding and blink to the west
away from the battle.  Then head north a bit and hang a right.   Take the rune of
restoration and blink away from the fel stalkers that come near you.  Head north
and then west and you will complete the mission.