Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Walkthrough & Game Guide

Mission 2: Broken Isles
The next day, on the shores of a mysterious island chain, Maiev and her watchers
inspect some ancient, yet strangely familiar ruins.

Start off by putting your idle wisps on the trees to mine lumber and then make
them ancient protectors at the front of your base.  You're also going to want to
build a bunch more moonwells (at least 3-4).  Start making some huntresses and
archers.  Using two ancients of war or even more is a very good idea for this
mission.   You'll want to have some units to do stuff with Maiev, and possibly to
defend your base (a bunch of ancient protectors will do the trick, but I think
that leaving a few units behind is more cost effective). Don't forget to upgrade
your units!   Kill the creeps around the fountain and head north and talk to and
old orc warlock.

After the cutscene you'll learn of the first optional quest
Optional Quest: Silence the Ghosts
-Destroy all three summoning pits
-Return the skeletal artifact to Drak'Thul

Take the transport ships with around a few huntresses and around two archers for
every huntress (not really that necessary).  Head up to the island to the north of
your base with your ship.  There is nothing that can hit you so just click and let
your ship go while building more units at your base.   Land at the north part of
the island, and once your units are out of the transport ships don't bother
fighting just go destroy the summoning pits.   Just go from pit to pit. Once that
is done pick up the skeletal artifact and finish off the skeletal orcs.

Head back in the transport ships back and when you land on your island go to
Drak'Thul (you can get back right next to drak thul on the shore just south of the
island with the summoning pit. It's right next to drak thu'ls huts.  After the
cutscene you'll get the reward of a robe of the magi (adds 6 to intelligence).

Now you have an option of what to do next, you can either go slaughter the red
naga base to the west, or go straight to Illidan's.    I suggest killing the red
naga base to the west first, for experience points and so that your base doesn't
get harassed while fighting illidan.   You can go creep around until you have a
solid force of archers and huntresses and protect your base if need be.   I had
7x Huntress
and 12x archers
and the red base went down with relative ease.   You can add more or less, if you
want but this makes it a lot easier to just hop to Illidan's base. Don't forget to
bring a few glaive throwers for the Tidal Guardians that are at both bases.

When you want to go to Illidan's base you should at least have
8 huntresses
12 archers
4 glaive thrower.

If you want to, and have some cash to spare buy some frigates.

Illidan's base is at the north of the map.  It has some couatls in it so focus
your archer fire on that.  Make sure your glaive throwers are hitting the tidal
guardians, and his base should  fall pretty fast.   You don't have to kill all of
it just enough to get to the ruined gate at the north of his base.

When you are ready, break open the gate.  You'll see three myrmidons, have one
archer hit one of them, and this fight goes very easily.  Kill the siren and
repeat what you just did with the next 3 myrmidons and sirens.  Once these are all
dead your mission will be complete.