Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Walkthrough & Game Guide

V. Walkthrough
Night Elf Missions

Point Distribution for Maiev:
(Your first two are already picked (blink/fan of knives)
You should go
Fan/blink/blink/vengeance/Fan/shadow strike/shadow strike/shadow strike
You will see why getting level 3 blink at level 5 is the best choice.
Mission 1: Rise of The Naga
Though the demolord archimonde and the burning legion were finally defeated at the
battle of mount Hyjal much of Ashen evale forest remains tainted by foul, demonic
energies.   The combined efforts of both the druids and the sentinels have brought
a tenuous peace to the northlands, but dark creatures still lurk within the
shadowed woods.  In this perilous time, Maiev Shadowsong, the warden who once
guarded Illidan's barrow prison, has come forth to hunter her dangerous prey-and
chain him once again beneath the cold earth

Start off the mission by taking your group of units and attacking the gate so it
crashes open.  Maiev wonders what sacked the village, continue north and kill the
Mur'guls.  Go to the left and take the Rune of lesser healing and continue west.
As you past through the gate there will be a cutscene about the furlbogs, kill
them, and they should go down pretty quickly with fank of knives and focus firing
with your archers.
Continue east and slay the Satyrs, and follow the path north to meet up with some
more units, and learn about your first optional quest

Optional Quest: enraged beast
-Slay the Wildkin
Take your new units and head east.   After you pass a village that has been sacked
by illidan you'll see the wildkin.   If you want to complete the mission have
defeat the large wilkding and he drops a tome of agility (use fan of knives and
your huntresses to tank). You can also destroy the nest to the east for a rune of
mana.  Take the tome and continue north. (Break open the crates here for a rune).

Take the rune of healing next to the path leading north/northeast and simply
follow the path and you'll end up fighting the naga for thje first time.  Use fan
of knives and your hunts to tank the damage and you'll easily defeat them.   After
you defeat them continue north and go along the path again.  AS you continue west,
you will find a rune of mana and a fountain of healing, use it as you need and
continue north, and fight some more murguls.
Even farther north are a huntress and an archer that you can control.  Use them to
defeat the satyrs, and learn about the other optional quest for this level.

Optional Quest: Search and Rescue
-Rescue the Imprisoned Night Elves
Continue north and follow the satyr through the gates and kill them.  Break open
the dungeon gate to find some more elves.   Then head slightly to the west kill
some more satyrs and open the other dungeon gate to complete the optional quest.
Now bring your entire party to the east and break open the demonic gate.
After the cut scene kill all the naga in sight, the ones closest to the sea having
the most priority.  Two ships must survive, make sure Maiev survives (always
glance at her health every few seconds).  If she comes under fire, blinker her
away from the action.  There really is no reason to rush on normal difficulty, as
the ships don't die to fast.   Just fan of knives the snap dragons and the sirens
and focus fire the myrmidon and the flying naga and you'll complete the pretty
simple first mission.