The Sims Deluxe Tips & Secrets

"This gives you TONS of money! Build a big room or block off a door so nobody can get in. Buy the Aristocrate painting. ( the tan one with the men on it in Roman times) Buy as many as you can and put it in the room. Wait until 12:00 AM and sell All of them. Depending on room size, you should get Alot of money...." - Addicted2Sims

"Heres a tip for peoples sims that always get killed in the fire .You should put a smoke detector in every room so they dont get killed" - sim gamer

"whant to have a buyable baby thats write u can buy a baby (i know this sounds cruel) just put a genie up above or beside ur baby for three days sim time then start a fire with that rocket thing make sure the babe gets caught in the fire (i said it was cruel) then after woods let the baby turn into a child then go on then sims 1 downloads and eventually ul find buyable baby download it the only reason u need to have burned the baby is so that when the buyable babys are born on the lots that other babys were burned on will be nice kids that will get easyer grades and look better if u buy THE SIMS MAKIN MAGIC and cast the come of age charm (wich turns kids into adults) and also they will be easy to socialise with" - Jamie the makin magic deluxe master