The Sims Deluxe Tips & Secrets

"I know that all of the other money making cheats are annoying, But not this one. Put ctrl shift c at the same time type rosebud;! . Then highlight ;! press ctrl c then hold ctrl and press v repeatedly. then it'll honk you after a while. press backspace and then put a : press and hold enter and your simoleons will grow extremely fast (IT WILL ALSO SAY "THIS CHEAT IS NOT VALID" ignore that" then once you reach 9,999,999 simoleons your money will never decrease
" - Jack Bond

"If you like cheats, you will love this one!
Buy a chemestry table and zoom in. The bottle of liquid will be different colors every time you use the table.

Blue Bottle = Your sim will get a lot happier.

Red bottle = Someone will fall in love with your sim (this is a really easy way to getting friends, when they appear after you drink the red bottle, give them a romantic kiss if possible, they will besome 100% in love and a friend)

Yellow bottle = Your sims personality will change to the opposite!

Orange bottle = your sim will turn invisable, witch is not dangerous or annything, just a little annoying to watch.

Pink bottle = your sim will turn into a monster! Not good...

And the green bottles are absolutely not for drinking!!!
But if your sim by mistake drinks one and gets an evil twin, just use the move_objects on cheat and delete the evil twin, that solves ur problem!

Your sim can really live and be happy with only the chemestry table and a bed... But if you have a job and want to get promoted you ofcause have to get the skills the normal way. enjoy" - DanishPurpleJerk

"OK I thin I found a way to make a sim some-what of a vampire. Get a man and women to have a baby, put the man and women in a swimming pool ( u can buy a diving board or use the moove_objects on cheat) have the social worker come and try to take tha baby away. But before she does, delete her (using the move_objects on cheat) and the baby will be reborn. then the parents die, and the baby grows up.(PS do not change the cloths or else the face icon gos away) the face icon will show a womens face upside-down." - Sasshimaro