The Sims Deluxe Tips & Secrets

"If you have girl baby and you want a boy take the baby out go to buy mode And do the following Ctrl+shift+c and type in Move_objects on and delete the sim who is holding the baby the go back live mode click the pic of your sim and you should get another baby if it is not boy keep doing this." - Sims freak-O

"If you have deluxe then you will obviously get roaches (ya eww but don't clean them up) use the move objects on cheat and pick up the roaches. It will ask if you want to delete the virtual reality helmet (don't worry it won't delete your VR helmet) deleting them will give you 460$! KA CHING! and it boosts the room score so your sims will be happier!" - SimLife

"One thing I do is have lots of people in your neighbor hood. So your sim can have lots of friends, enemies, and it can help with work. Having lots of pals can help you advance to a better carrer." - Delika

"if you want your sim to love another sim invite them over A LOT! you will become friends and then after your friends he/she will start to bring you presents (flowers choclates ect...) so call tehm and alwayz invite them over call tehm to invite tehm over not just to talk.eventually the two sims will start kissing and they will fall in LOVE and then you can have a baby." - helper

"if u get flys ( that move around the house not the ones that just fly over food and junk) every now and then ( I have always done this on the second day after it started) u can got ot buy mode ( iff it says cant pick up or cant move then do the move_objects on cheat) and sell the flys." - Shadow_Goddess

"My tip is that you should get a FOOD PROSESER. Why, because then your sim won't have to chop their food.Colleen" - Kung fuzi