The Sims Deluxe Tips & Secrets

"Ok...If you want a bigger lot use the map_edit on cheat and then click on the little squares and use the map_edit off cheat and what do you know... now you have a bigger lot." - Guess What?

"Delete a baby if you don't want it. with control shift c. IT WONT COME BACK!" - Dude

"ok buy the magic lamp.turn on the cheat code move_objects on. have your sim clean the lamp. when the jeannie comes up go to build mode and click on the jeannie not the lamp. move it to somewhere in your home. it will stay there ! it's really cool!" - Gibb Zee 379

"If you have a baby and you receive the dreaded dialogue box (dum-dum-DUM!) that tells you that the Social Worker is going to come into the house and take away your little tyke, wait until you see the Social Worker enter your lot. Then, immediately do the move_objects on cheat code, click on the Social Worker, press delete, and-abra kadabra!- she's gone! You then receive a new baby. Although you have to wait another three days before the baby becomes a child, at least you've got another little one.

To add on to the other tip that I posted...
If the Social Worker comes on to the property to take away your little Sim-to-be (the NERVE of her!), don't try to get rid of her by building a doorless room around her. It doesn't work, although it may fool you for awhile into thinking that it does. Sure, she'll walk around for a little while with a thought balloon above her head that has a door in it, but within a few minutes, she'll be gone, and so will the baby, regardless of wether she had it or not before you locked the Social Worker up. I know this from experience." - Wormy

"If u want to get married to another sim there is a way to tell if they will say yes or no. If u kiss the sim and receive a passionate kiss, then the will say yes, but if its a polite kiss then they will say no." - Abby

"If you burn one of your sims, but one or more are not in the fire, then plea the Grim and if you win the game then your sim will come back to normal. If you lose the game and the Grim feels sorry for u, then u will get your sim back, but it wil be a zombi. If u dont want you a zombi then press Ctrl + Alt + c (no shift) then write in the gray box 'move_objects on' and then enter and go to buy mode and delete your sim. Then last but not least go back to live mode and click on the face and the sim shood come back to normal skin color." - your friend ;)