The Sims Deluxe Tips & Secrets

"If you put ALOT of windows all over your house it will make your Sims a lot happier! (they won't get depressed very easily either.)" - Britt Bratt

"if u put the move_objects on cheat in then delete the sim, click on their face at the toolbar on the bottom of the screen and voila they will appear again as happy as pie!" - jaaaam

"ok when u start ur new game, and u run out of money fast, to get money even faster than usual do the rosebud cheat, then do !;!; a lot of times, and when you are done, hit the spacebar, and click enter. keep clicking enter and u will have tons of money!" - nv

"Have a Sim couple live together, and spend the day complimenting and the middle of the day they should start kissing and u can have a baby! oh, and they start sharing one bed, but this game IS rated pg" - SimManiac

"To get more money without using cheats. simply put several sims in the neighborhood (note: put only one sim on each property.) then buy them a phone. either build a wall or buy a stand. no need to build house. make friends with them and get them to move in. you get there money, kids, and friends. then if you don't want them just kill them. you will still keep the money" - Denver

"When you are on the Character sub-panel press f and s at the same time then press p it will pause so you don't have to go on buy mode to pause. This works on any sims." - smudge