The Sims Unleashed Tips & Secrets

"Rabbits will appear if you have a minimum of three garden plots.  Twice a day a check is made for rabbits, with a 20% chance that they will show up.  They'll remain for three days if you do not ward them off, and can destroy carrot crops." - TEM

"The chance of getting gophers is the same as that of rabbits, but requires six garden plots.  Gophers can destroy any type of crop." - TEM

"Scarecrows, lawn gnomes, and the garden windmill all ward off pests in the garden." - TEM

"When you are gardening try to use the delete (move_objects on) while you are pulling weeds use delete and delete the weed and it is funny for them to be pulling on nothing." - mantha

"Buy tomatoes and beans 'cause they're cheaper and will regrow so you can harvest them over and over unlike lettuce or carrots. Also rabbits don't come after beans or tomatoes, but watch out for bunnies!" - Alan Graham

"Try building a "greenhouse" for your garden plots by walling them in. This stops the rabbits from destroying your veggies, but not gophers." - Simqueen

"If you put the little white picket fence around your garden it should keep rabbits away." - sexy girl

"If you find the rabbit hopping around your garden, you can enter the cheat "move_objects on" and then sell the rabbit for $1." - citysister

"If you have gophers get a dog or cat, they will either scare the gopher or the cat will kill it, i know it sounds mean but you gotta do what you gotta do :)" - ~*Samantha*~