The Sims Unleashed Tips & Secrets

"Weeds have a very detrimental effect on the yield of your garden, so get rid of weeds as soon as they appear." - TEM

"Keep dogs away from your garden if their mood is less than zero and they are in need of fun or they might destroy your plot" - TEM

"If you purchase the tonic for $35 from the Gardener, you can gamble with your crops.  There is a 15% chance that the crop will be destroyed, but a 25% chance that you will get a super crop.  Super crops can then be sold back to the gardener for $150, but you can't store them in your pantry." - TEM

"Carrots and lettuce will require replanting after harvest, but tomatoes and beans will re-grow after the harvest." - TEM

"The pantry functions as a refrigerator, but requires vegetables to provide your sims with meals.  One vegetable will make one meal, and three will make a group meal.  Snacks are always available." - TEM