The Sims Unleashed What is The Sims Unleashed?

Gardening objects?  Yes, gardening objects.  The Sims Unleashed will allow your sim to plant and grow his/her own garden, complete with four different types of veggies.  Gardening will almost be its own mini-game, as you'll need to figure out what it takes to grow the best and healthiest vegetables.  Once harvested, you can store your vegetables in the new pantry object to eat whenever you want, or take them to the store and sell them.  If you want, you can even try living off the land, getting your whole family into the act (even the cat can help chase off gophers).  You can eat what you need and sell the rest for profit!

As if this wasn't all enough, The Sims Unleashed also throws in five new career tracks with 50 new jobs - also a first in The Sims expansions since Livin' Large.  You can enter the world of fashion, use your cooking skills to be a chef, help pets and animals as a vet, devote your life to teaching, or even join the circus.

The Sims Unleashed does more than just give you more objects to play with, it will be packed with a lot of new gameplay and will add a whole new component to your sim's life.  If you're an animal lover, then you won't want to pass on this puppy in the window.  Even if you're not much of a pet person, there's a lot here for you with the new careers, expanded neighborhoods, and gardening.   The Sims Unleashed will be available in September 2002.