The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles Walkthrough

The Cold Flame of Agnon		1006cfa

Before you head out make sure all your gear ready and you have a snack pack.
I say go to the Gates of Madness and make your way to the arrow. The road will
be relatively empty, but there are some Obelisks along the way that might need
to be avoided. If you do want to take them down, simply kill the mage that
guards them (but he won't die so don't try to take his stuff) and then plug
three Hearts of Order into the crystal. Then touch the crystal again to get 
some items and break it. Then you can get stuff off the dead priest.

**If you are choosing the Dementia side of things, please refer to the bottom
	for the battle plan.**

When you get to the temple you will notice the bitter standoff taking place
between the Mazken and Aureals. Talk to both guards and then enter the yard
of the Golden Saints. Overhear the conversation between the guy and commander,
then talk to the guy; his name is Mirel. Make sure you exhaust each topic and
then speak with Aurmazel. When you talk about the 'Battle plans', make sure
to tell her you will scout the Dark Seducer camp first. That is your next task.

Now go to the gate on the other side and enter the Seducer camp (oh, that
sounds interesting...). There are no enemies in here so walk freely and make
sure to check for all the treasures. Talk with the Mazken leader and then enter
the altar. Not much but a few gems in some of the urns behind the altar. Go
to the underkeep. Lots to explore and all you have to do is leave through the
doors at the other end.

Tell the Aureal Leader about the Battle plan to take the underkeep. The gang
might attack the lone Seducer outside, but you'll all end up heading down the 
tunnel. You really don't have to do anything, but you might as well help take
down the Mazken. Whenever I follow them, it seems like I'm nothing more than a
decoy for the Saints. And I wouldn't advise hacking and slashing when there
are six allies around one enemy. So basically, just follow them.

**Don't forget to plunder the bodies of any dead. Good stuff to be had.**

In the altar room it will be much more of the same. I didn't have to do 
anything and no one died. Simple as that. From the Seducers all I plundered 
were the more pricier arrows and that's it. It's a whole bunch of arrows for 
lots of money, and they weigh very little. Use any spare potions of feather 
to carry everything out of here. Talk with the leader and watch the sacrifice.
Don't cry little one, all saints go to heaven. 

Go outside and walk right into the fire. Greatballs of fire! Hurry and get the
freak back to Bliss! (nah, no rush, but do go back ASAP).

In the church of Sheoth you have a choice to make, but for consistancy's sake,
just talk with the Bliss priest, Dervenin. Now walk into the pit and pass on
the torch. And Sheogorath is not too far away, clever rascal!

**The direct attack through the halls isn't that tough either. There is just 
	one part where you have to open a gate, and then it's all gravy from

Okay this will be long. This is for all you Dementia players out there.

Actually, it shouldn't be too long. There are two ways to help the Mazken. 
Either just tell her you will help her defend, or tell her to reposition her
troops and you lie to the Aureals. 

The defense is not much. They lock the gates and ambush the saints at the 
bridge. However, the saints are too tough to die here (unless you provide some
amazing support), so you will most likely get into a fight when they break 
through. But you should then retreat back to the altar room where everyone will
converge for a big fight. You will lose many Mazken, but you will win so long 
as you survive.

The betrayal route will involve you telling the Mazken leader to reposition
her troops in the underkeep. Then you go tell the Aureal leader to attack 
through the underkeep; you will tell her two lies. This choice is the toughest
of all the options to get the flame. The trap seems perfect, but there are just
too many saints and the traps are too spread out. The only way I got through 
this one was by me and Ulfri going back-to-back and killing all the saints. So
the plan doesn't work too well here, but you can squeak out a win. 

Basically, the Mazken route will be much tougher. And your overall choice will
only slightly affect some dialogue from the winning side later in the game.
Really, if anyone actually knows what benefits you get from which side you
help take Cylarne, please let me know.