ParaWorld Review

The game does have some original features worth mentioning. The first is that experience is shared amongst all units and heroes of a faction. This experience is measured in the number of “skulls” collected from fallen enemies. Not a bad idea but it’s neutered by the fact that you can collect skulls by slaughtering the wandering animals on the map. It seems to defeat the whole concept of experience when you can battle-harden your troops by decimating the local moose population.

The other original feature is the game’s army management bar which is placed along the left side of the screen. From this bar you can view a small status icon for every one of your active units – you can see what each peasant is up to (or not up to) and which units are engaged in battle. When you’ve collected some skulls you can promote units by dragging their icons to the next higher bin on the bar. The catch is that as you move up the experience tree you’re allotted fewer and fewer slots, with just one available for the highest experience level.

Unless you’re a huge dinosaur fan or feel like there just aren’t enough strategy games out there you can probably pass on Paraworld without missing all that much. It’s got some interesting ideas but they are built on top of a thoroughly generic game and the game as a whole suffers for it.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 65%.  Dinosaurs, Vikings, and samurai? It sounds a lot cooler than it is…


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