Half-Life 2: Episode One Walkthrough

HL2-5-B Chapter 2: Direct Intervention

Continue forward and take care of the Combine soldiers as you
progress. Alyx will punch some keys and a window will open and you
can view the core, which I must say is beautifully done. Once she
mentions the control room follow her, it was on the right side of the
hall. Go in and Alyx will continue to talk then bring up an elevator,
you must part with Alyx for a bit, get on the elevator and go down.

After getting off you will be in the reactor room and there will be
two stalkers you must take out before you can complete the bridges.
After taking them out, there will be one slot directly forward from
you and one above you, this will complete the first bridge. Cross
over and there will be one across from you on the right side, shoot
the energy ball in and continue on into the small room. Use your use
key here and make the bridges go towards the central platform.
Continue to the center platform and climb up the stairs.

After getting up cross the bridge behind you and continue along the
ledge and into the room. There will be some Combine soldiers in here,
after clearing them out you can fill your energy and hp up at the
suit charger. Get an energy ball and shoot it into the slot and an
object will arise. After it comes up the door by the suit charger
will open, some Combine soldiers will come in there and from behind
(where the original Combine came from) some Manhacks will come out
and a soldier or two. After clearing them continue down the new hall
and it will be a dead end. There will be a small oven like door on
your right that you can pull off with your Gravity Gun, do so and
climb in.

There's no real way to avoid the energy balls, but I'd suggest just
sprinting and spamming the main fire of your gun to try to avoid them
as much as possible.
Kristopher C. sent me an E-mail saying you can use the oven like
door as a shield against the energy balls, I have tried this and
it works perfectly, just hold it as a shield with your gravity gun
and the energy balls will hit it and dissipate.

Thanks K.C.

Run down this hall and into the left hall and continue on. You will
come into a room with some Combine soldiers, make easy work of them
and continue on out. Now you will have to cross another bridge and
get dangerously close to the core. Be careful here, sprint across the
platform and the second bridge and into the new hall. In here there
will be some more Combine soldiers, kill them and shoot an energy
ball into the socket and an object will arise.

Continue through the new hall after the door opens. Kill the Combine
soldiers that come out and continue down the hall and out. From here
make a carefully planed jump onto one of the small rotating
platforms. Some Manhacks will come out, make easy work of them then
jump onto the ledge across from where you came from, its lower so
just make a small jump and continue down the hall. Kill the Combine
soldiers that come out and then continue into another small way
blocked by one of those oven like doors. Continue through the hall
here and into one of the rooms that has the energy balls shooting out
at you. Repeat what you did last time and run down into the hallway
on the left and into the room.

Kill the Combine soldiers then grab an energy ball from the hall and
shoot it into the socket. An object will rise up but then the machine
malfunctions. The shielding where the object was has disappeared,
jump down and you will see three objects that hold energy balls.
There will be some pipes on the ceiling and crack in the ceiling
where you can see into the hall with the energy balls. Simply grab
them and shoot them into the objects. Shoot two in, for the third go
back to where you jumped down into this room and fire it in. It will
make the floor you are on rise up and you will just need to grab a
energy ball and shoot it into the first socket.

Some sort of reaction will happen and your gun will lose its powers.
Continue through the door that opened and you will be back where Alyx
is, the core has been contained for now. Alyx will explain some info
so follow her as she speaks. After seeing the video with Dr. Judith
Mossman you will see some weird tri-pod creature then the video cuts
out. Alyx will make a copy of this and the packet they were trying to
send then an alarm will go off. Follow her as she will open a way to
an elevator for you to get out. Get on the elevator and continue on

As the elevator comes to a stop get off and continue forward, some
Combine soldiers will come out but just continue on and Alyx will
lock the door. There will be a small explosion and two Roller Mines
will come out, grab them and let Alyx reprogram them. Some Combine
soldiers will come into the other room and then come open the door.
Let the Roller Mines and Alyx kill them. After they are dead continue
into that room and then onto the train after Alyx brings down the
shield. After getting into the train you will notice it's a Stalker
train, Alyx will talk and then the train will crash.

After you regain control you will see the Stalkers are going crazy
and Alyx is trapped. Go over to her and help her, use the pull
function of your Gravity Gun to pull the stalker off her. Next to
Alyx is the door, blast it open and jump down, Alyx will follow you
and then continue under the wall and proceed to Chapter 3.